PFC Suit & Uniform?!?

What kinda Badges and Insignia's would a Soldier of a rank of Private First Class wear on his combat and dress suit? and where would the badges, etc. be placed on a suit?

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    If you are talking about a PFC in the Marine Corps. In his cammies (combat uniform) he would wear a single black, metal chevron on each corner of his collar. In dress blues it would be a single gold chevron wit scarlet back ground on each shoulder, and in service alphas (green) it would be a single green chevron with a scarlet back ground on each shoulder. His shooting badges would be 1/8th of an inch and center on his left breast pocket and if he had any ribbons they would be 1/8th of an inch above that. He would probably only have the national defense ribbon. Badges and metals are only worn in dress uniforms.

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    Go online and look up AR 670-1 (Army Regulation 670-1) Wear and appearance of all military uniforms and badges. Its a boring read but if you are really interested. As far as PFC? Depends on what unit he is in. Where he is stationed and if he has been deployed. Your question was way to vague.

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    As an military veteran of ten years. I can assure you that anyone who has EARNED badges and insignias knows exactly what to wear and how to wear it--military uniform and civilian suit.

    So why don't you go to the local recruiter's office, enlist, and earn these things yourself--poser!

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    watch movie black hawk down

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