Poland Consulate in my country requires hotel to fax/email confirmation to them directly for issue of visa.?

I am travelling to Krakow in October but to issue a visa the consulate wants email/fax of reservation directly. I want to book a hostel on the net...how do i ensure tha they will send the email/fax. does anyone know of such hostels in krakow who will do it?

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    Hi, I once faced the same problem...

    Don't sweat it, you can book through a major hostel website like Twizi.com or something and you will recieve an email that confirms your booking. The email I recieved from Twizi had the dates, prices, and hostels info and phone numbers on it.

    In other words... everything you need.

    I link to their Krakow page below.

    Happy travels!

    Source(s): Krakow / Poland hostels: http://www.reservations.bookhostels.com/twizi/find...
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    Any hotel/hostel will fax a reservation. If you are reserving your room over the net you will probably get something you can print out and fax/e-mail them yourself. If you are still worried, contact the place and ask them. It shouldn't be a problem.

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    most hotels would do it. Before you book the hotel on the net, contact them thru email or phone and confirm that they would send a fax.

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