converting the delimited text file into dbf file?

I need to convert a text file as dbf file working in foxpro 2.5

Also dbf file into text file

is there a web site which can give all the file commands for foxpro2.5

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  • 1 decade ago
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    first u have to know the structure of ur text file. then u create a dbf with the same structure and give the following command

    appe from <textfilename> sdf


    u have a text file like this

    a0001 mohini no25 5th cross bangalore

    a0002 mandakini no35 6th cross bangalore

    now u open this text file in foxpro (modi comm <text file name>

    then go to preferences and select status line

    now u can find the column positions of each field

    now create a blank dbf as the same structure


    use <dbf name>

    appe from <txtfilename> type sdf

    alternately u can open the text file in excel and save it as dbf

    to convert dbf file to a text file

    use <dbffile>

    copy to <txtfile> type sdf

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