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中翻英 讀書心得~20點

在這本書中 由小王子的天真無邪 突顯出大人的野心慾望

現在人只注重外表 卻不認真去思考內涵

整天為了功名忙的團團轉 卻不曉得自己深深的影響了下一代



而不是隨意敷衍 希望大人可以明白小孩子的想法興趣


大人們只要求小孩把書讀好 卻忽視了小孩的興趣


多花點時間陪陪小孩 這個世界將會更加美好

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    In this book by kinglet's son of innocent bring into relief the greed desire of the adult

    The person only pays attention to appearance but don't considers a content hard now

    Is busy round in circles but don't knew an oneself to deeply influence the next generation for the sake of the merit and fame all day long

    Kinglet's son doesn't understand adult why want to do so?

    Hoping the adult can go to much a demand of understanding the child

    And isn't an interest in the viewpoint that elaborates to hope the adult can understand child at will

    Kinglet's son is a book that lets the adult face kid's true feelings

    The adults beg a kid to read the book but ignored the kid's interest only

    Hoping all adults can pay attention to the life of the spirit layer

    Spending some time more to go along with this world of kid will be more fine

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