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    天龍戰警原聲帶1. I Wanna Do Something Feaky To You - Kenyatta2. I Joke But I Don't Play - Tone-Loc3. Roots and Culture - Shabba Ranks4. Put the Funk Back In It - The Brand New Heavies5. Welcome to My Groove - Mellow Man Ace6. Quiet Passion - N'Dea Davenport7. Domino - Masters of Reality8. The Shadow of Death - Def Jef/Papa Juggy9. Ya Gets None - Body & Soul10. Rats Chase Cats - Attic Black11. Pick Up the Pace - Young MC12. Weapons Montage - James Newton Howard13. John Crow - Jimmy Cliff14. Steppin' Razor - Peter Tosh15. No Justice - Jimmy Cliff16. Rebel in Me - Jimmy CliffPick Up the Pace - Young MCI'm shovin' off like an ocean liner No one can rock the microphone finer East, west, north, South Carolina Alex and Vivian chillin' at Mel's Diner Off to China 'cause I got a show there Get my passport, then I'm gonna go there Who do I know there? I guess no one But I will have fun and I get the job done On the airplane, movin' like the Concord Come and join me, everybody on board You won't be bored with the stuff I'm pickin' up Watch me quicken up and with the pace, I pick it up Pick up the pace [Chorus] Second verse and never cursin' Rockin' the microphone with the style that I'm reherasin' In person, that means liver Swimmin' and slimmin' just like a deep sea diver I'll arrive, uh, just to go faster Grab the microphone and show that I am the master Of disaster, cookin' up a potion With the funky rhymes to put the people into motion Of the ocean, movin' like the water Here's the menu, go place your order It's a slaughter, a felony of chatter And pickin' up the pace is the subject matter

    Source(s): 天龍戰警原聲帶
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  • 5 years ago

    ●九州 娛樂 網站



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    ●九州 娛樂 網站

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