The Bible also has a very good test for adultery. What do you say?

How to come to know a woman has committed adultery, in the book of Numbers, Ch. no.5 Verse No..11 to 31. I’ll just say in brief. It says that… ‘The priest should take holy water in a vessel, take dust from the floor, and put it into the vessel - And that is the bitter water ‘And after cursing it, give it to the woman And if the woman has committed adultery, after she drinks it, the curse will enter her body, the stomach will swell, the thigh will rot, and she shall be cursed by the people. If the woman has not committed adultery, she will remain clean and she will bear the seed..

I had read in the newspapers, and I came to know from the media, that the President of this great country Mr. Bill Clinton, he was involved in a sex scandal about 2 years back. I wonder, that why did not the American court use this ‘bitter water test’ for adultery? He would have gone scot-free immediately.Why did not the Christian missionaries of this great country,use this bitter water test to bail out him

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    Because the United States legal system relies on tangible, scientific proof of wrong doing--hard evidence. A "curse" is not evidence. Most likely, the "adulterous" woman described in that passage contracted worms or leprosy from the filthy water people were forced to drink during the era in which the Bible was consolidated.

    Bill Clinton was caught with witness testimony and tangible facts. As an adulterous bastard, he received all the punishment he deserved--since he was the president of this "great country", he should have known better than to cheat on his wife with an open-mouthed aide. It's not like he didn't have any previous political experience.

    So, in short, the Bible has no place in the U.S. legal system, and neither do its laughably illogic and foolish "tests." The separation of Church and State applies every bit as much to the court room as it does to the floor of the legislature.

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    The Bible and your Quran are both flawed, man-made books. For someone claiming to be logical, and a believer in facts (based on your profile), you are quite the opposite. Your quoting of some nonsense, pagan mumbo jumbo passage out of the Bible shows your intention to mock Christianity, but you fail to see that Islam is equally senseless. Oh, Clinton's Lewinsky scandal was way more than two years ago. This is already GWB's 6th year as president.

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    The test was for a woman caught in adultry, not a man. The Bible has no test for adultry for a man. Monica was not married and would not have fit the requirements for the test, even if a high priest etc. existed.

    I would like to believe Christians chose not to cast the first stone of moral judgement. They decided to let the political process deal with the political issue.

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    That won't go in this great Country because most who claim to be holy are just pretenders. We do not lead by the Word of God. We are led by humans not in touch with the Yahweh of the Bible.

    I am so proud of your question...........!!!!!

    To think someone out there really thinks we are so righteous we could condemn according to the word of G-d. Makes my I wish!

    No, far as I'm concerned, Mr.BC would not have gone scot-free. SORRY to burst your bubble. It isn't the only time he's been accused of adulterous relationships. Where there's smoke, there's fire.

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    In the United States we have separation of church and state. The government is not run by members of any particular church. So the American court would not use a "bitter water" test for adultery.

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    Shahid Shafqat,

    Now. In a Muslim country, what do they do to a woman caught in the act of adultry? In this year 2006.

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    You rely too much on the media.

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    AMEN!!!! Scree them damn lybreals and cliton!! HE is the debil Prais Jesuss!@!!1!

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    because unlike ignorant muslims, Americans aren't morons.

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