What type of COOKIES are these?

And what do they do?

I scanned my computer and these 5 cookies infected my computer.

Mediaplex cookie

Mediatrack revenue

when you save now application



remembers these infected my computer and they are cookies.

If you know any website with free scans and cures please write it down for me thanks.

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    i recommend you do 3 things

    1.go to safer-networking.org and download Spybot Search and Destroy have it updated.

    2.go to zonelabs.com download a free version of their zonelabs firewall its basic but its 100 times better than windows firewall.

    3.go to avast.com by alwil software and download avast home edition antivirus for protection and update it.

    4.later go to google and search for adaware by lavasoft it's very good for removing cookies and update it

    5.this is all you can do for free do this and you will be protected decently.but scan regularly with antivirus and adaware.

    6.if this does not work go to tools in internet explorer cookies then lift the bar up until the cookies dont come back.

    7.in firefox is tools options privacy

    8.and that's it! youre done but remember scan regularly i can't emphasize it enough

    + what these are called track site cookies they monitor EVERYTHING YOU DO FROM BANKING INFO no matter how secure to CREDIT CARD INFO usually its just to better personalize ads which its wrong because hackers love it .

    so be careful and delete cookies regualrly of sites you don't visit regularly.

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    Voortman's, Kashi, Keebler's Vienna Fingers.

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    I would advise not to install any adware/spyware. Someof them are really malicious and do not really help you.

    You should delete your cookies/browser information from time2time. I would also advise you to run a complete virus scan on your machine. There could be possibility that your machine could also be infected.

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    They are tracking cookies, they are designed to see what sites you visit so they can give you targeted advertising. These aren't any threat to you or your computer, they're harmless. If you want to remove them use adaware. To help prevent them, go to internet options, and only accept cookies from the original server.

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    cookies collect uer information and send it back to the intiatoe whenever recalled... just disable the cookie option in the browser and u shld be good to go.....

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    1. Download Adaware (not Adware) from http://www.download.com/3405-8022-5153545.html?par...

    2. Install it and Run it.

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    Well, they're not chocolate chip cookies.

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    sorry dont know

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    hmmmmmmm, thanks, man I'm gonna look for it!

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