have you ever been in a car crash?

and tell a bit about it.

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    I was hit head-on about three weeks ago. My first accident. Some 80 yr. old woman was turning left and she saw a break in traffic but didn't see the car in the outside lane. She hit him, he lost control of his car and hit me head-on. I remember him hitting me but don't remember anything much until I came to (I guess)and my airbag was deflated. My arm was burned from the airbag and my chest hurt really badly. Some woman came to my car and said she'd stay with me till the paramedics came.

    So we had police, fire trucks and paramedics. The firemen came to my car, I couldn't get out of my seat cause my chest hurt so badly, they put probes on me for heart rate and someone took my blood pressure and then they loaded me into an ambulance. I didn't even get to see my car which had $l0,000 worth of damage. The car that hit me was totaled. They took x-rays at the hospital and said it was just contusions and it would take weeks to months to heal. I am currently going for therapy for my neck. My chest still hurts. Had my seat belt on. I believe the airbag and seat belt saved me from serious injury. The people in the other two cars were not hurt. It all happens so fast.

    I am currently a little aprehensive when I drive. Especially when people are turning left into the turn lane. But I love to drive and this fear will come to pass. How's that?

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    As I was driving late at night on an open highway, a car pulled out of a small side road directly in front of me. I did not have time to react. I could see the back of the car.

    I do not remember hitting the car or what happened next. The next thing that I remember was looking up to see smoke coming from the front of my car.

    I opened the car door and was greeted by a State Trooper. My first question had to do with the people in the other car. He said that they were all right and that he had seen her, the woman driving the car, pull out in front of me. Fortunately for me, he and a city police officer were nearby and saw the whole thing.

    As I sat there in the car, I realized that the air was full of something strange. Evidently the air bag had emptied it's contents into the air. My chest hurt.

    I sat there in the car as the medics came to check me out and then move me very carefully to the ambulance. I informed them that I was diabetic as the medic tried to insert an IV into my arm. This was the first time anyone had ever had trouble finding a vein, but he finally got it right.

    As I entered the hospital, I had no idea what would happen next. I had removed some valuable and expensive equipment from the car and had it in a bag with me. I was in pain but I knew that I could not leave this for people to steal.

    After x-rays and lieing on a table, I was told that I had not broken bones. I came through the accident with minor scrapes. The worst pain was in my chest from hitting the sterring wheel as well as breathing the air bag fillings.

    I lived through it even though my car was totaled and a few things were taken from my car.

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    I've been in several. Only one's been on the streets with me driving though...In the early 70's I snuck out with my dad's '69 or so Mustang and was showing off to some girls from my school by revving the engine and when I thought I had it in neutral, it was actually in 2nd and the car took off, sending me into a stop sign...Technically I'm still grounded lol.

    I've been in one or two minor fender benders with my mom driving but the others were on race track, the worst was when I went too fast in a turn, hit the driver to my right, and into the barrier. Broke my left arm and needed paramedics to get me out.

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    I've been in a few as a passenger and they suck. One time we were in a full sized van and we hit some ice and turned around backwards on the road and then went sideways and ended completely turned upside down. I didn't have my seat belt on (my mom was the driver, she didn't care much for seat belts, and she got us in multiple accidents, so I guess she was trying to kill us or something) and I ended up on my head and crawled out of the van and I remember the ringing in my head like a bomb went off or something and seeing the spinning wheels of the upside van and hearing the engine run, it was crazy, everything went backwards and sideways, I was trying to help pull some of the other kids out of the car, my sister was in the back seat and was stuck between the seat and the spare tire, the firemen had to cut her out. It's freaking amazing no one was really hurt too bad. We all went to the hospital and my sister had to stay there a little while but got to go home the same day. I had some trouble breathing and my back hurt for a while. Accidents suck, I do not recommend them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    In 1984, I was a passenger in my Mum's car and we had a very bad crash. I had a broken jaw and my Mum had a head injury. My brother had a couple of bumps and bruises, along with one of my cousins. The other cousin had a couple of broken toes.

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    Ive been in a couple of them. Once i Tboned a 93 Firebird with my 1977 Impala during a glare ice morning.

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    4 years ago

    confident, utilising down a rustic street and a motor vehicle replaced into stopped without 4 way detrimental aspects on. i replaced into going approximately 40 with the aid of ice and snow (Ohio in December) and replaced into no longer able to provide up so my suggestions have been rear end the motor vehicle in front of me, head on the motor vehicle in the different lane or take the ten foot drop in to the sphere next to me. Took the sphere with the aid of fact the main secure guess to no longer injure every person else and rolled my motor vehicle thrice. thankfully i walked away with a scar on my brow from the place the sunroof busted out and a few inner bruising. Totaled my truck yet no person replaced into heavily injured

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    Yes, but only two. The first one was when I was 12 and a woman ran a red light and ran into me and my mother. The second one was when I was 24 and a woman ran a red light and ran into me. Both times the car was totaled but we were fine, thank God.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yep. A truck in front of me dropped it's tow hitch (it weighed 40 lb). I couldn't avoid it completely, it went over my left front tire, up through the floor board and across my leg. The medics told me if it had angled just a little different, I would have lost my lower leg.

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    1 decade ago

    I was driving on a hillside when my car flipped over one and a half times and I survived to tell you the story.

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