Which phase of a person's life is most difficult to overcome?

What age period do you think is the hardest for people, considering emotional, social, physical, mentally? (Just from about all aspects) The early childhood years, the teenage years, middle-aged, or elderly? Does anybody have any personal experiences?

10 points for the most insightful and thought-out answer--Thanks for any comments, I really want to see what people have to say about this!

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  • Rhonda
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    1 decade ago
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    Each stage of life has its share of difficulties and challenges. I recommend you read Gail Shehy's book "Passages." It's a wonderful work discussing this very thing.

    Personally, I think adolescents/young adulthood are the most difficult. So many changes and decisions to make that will effect the rest of your life!

    While, I agree that the elderly have a difficult time (esp. health decline), by then people have lived long enough to have support and coping skills, I would hope. Good question!

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    I don't think any phase is more difficult than another in general. They all have their difficulties, problems, and good things too. And, I don't consider overcoming each phase, to me it is living through the phases. I have already experienced childhood, teenage, I'm in middle-aged right now and so far this is my observation. Personally my teenage years were very tough but I have tough times now too and when a child there were tough times too.

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    The phase of a person's life that presents the most hardship and problems would be the most difficult to overcome. For everyone that time in their life is different. For some it may be the teenage years for other it may be old age. It simply depends on your unique and personal experiences.

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    I believe the elderly years are the hardest to come to terms with. It is a time of seriously accepting your own mortality. In ancient times it used to be a time of high regard and status. Not so in today's society. You may easily feel that you've become invisible, that you no longer matter in today's fast paced material world where youth, beauty and superficiality are what rules. However, this being said; it is a time to rediscover who you really are, what really makes you happy, and what really matters in life which is connecting to your higher self. You can let go of all the shoulds, should haves and ought-to-bes and love yourself and each other.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I believe it does depend on the person and the environment they are in at the time.

    I have seen children in horrible abuse and neglect situations

    Teenagers that are under so much peer pressure they attempt suicide others that are dealing with underage pregnancy.

    Midife crisis affects so many marriages.

    old age can be wonderful if you have your health and family

    poor health and economic troubles can make things hard at any age.

    My teen years were the worse, so many changes and temptations. Made many bad choices, but have lived to tell.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Mid-school/ puberty are probably the roughest years, as the body changes from childhood into aduthood.

    Old age is usually cured by a visit from the Grim Reaper.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Since most people are afraid of death (and avoid the entire aging process starting very young) I think it would be the transition from middle age, to actually being old and knowing you are about to die.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think the Elderly years. Early childhood you feel secure and protected by your parents. Teenage years your indestructible. Middle Age your secure in your job and family. Elderly, you feel insecure about the future and abandoned by friends and family.

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    Okay. I'm thinking. BRB.

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    Honestly it's different for different people. People experience different things at different stages of their life. It's hard to specifically say that it's harder to get over something emotional, social, physical, or mental b/c it depends of how difficult the experience is.

    I think the phase most difficult to overcome would be the phase that affected you the most. The hardest thing to let go of. Something that stays on your mind & affects your way of living b/c you expect the people in your life to do something similar(punishing others for someone elses wrong doings) or not being able to trust anyone. If it affects how you feel about yourself (self-conscience or unworthy).

    Usually when something is difficult to overcome, no matter what it is for the person, it affects you emotionally, socially, physically, and mentally. Not just one or the other b/c when we have suffered something devastating it's going to affect us in a dramatic way.

    For me my hardest thing to overcome was something that happened to me in my childhood. After it happend, I was affected emotionally b/c I was just a child & it made me feel like it was my fault & I knew it was wrong b/c it felt wrong. It affected me socially b/c I wasn't able to fit in with other kids & I acted out in ways other kids didn't understand, even some grown ups didn't understand me. It went on to affect me as a teenager b/c I acted out in hopes of covering it up or trying to make it dissapear. Physically b/c while it was going on, I was most of the time, doing things that got me in trouble just for attention, just so somebody paid attention to me & when I got older it was hard for me to get close to & trust anyone physically. I felt shame or scared to trust my feelings. Mentally b/c I could never stop thinking about it. As a child I thought that if my parents knew, they would hate me or blame me all the while remembering that if I did tell them, they'd be taken from me. Always wondering what I did so wrong & always watching what I did or said hoping it wouldn't happen anymore (unfortunately it did though). And mentally as a teen b/c I didn't know how to bond with people therefore making most of my relationships empty & uncomfortable for me b/c I didn't know how to express my feelings or thoughts. Mentally as an adult b/c I was still uncomfortable & held back b/c of trust issues.

    I'm glad to say that I worked through it and am proud of who I've become. It took alot of tears & learning to trust myself & trust that what I was feeling for someone was ok. A few serious & long-term relationships are now the past b/c of my issues ( not that I wasn't loved or that I didn't love too, but that I wasn't sure how to or accept it w/o suspiscion) but at least I learned from them & now I'm w/ someone I trust & Love completely & have no doubt of his love for me...and I trust his love for me. Even if it doesn't last forever...I at least got the chance to love & feel love. I don't allow it to control my life anymore or control how I express my feelings. It doesn't control the way I can now really feel someone love me.

    Sorry so long-winded...just wanted to share my experience in hopes of helping someone finding it hard to let go.

    Always love & trust yourself. It gets better I promise.

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