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Are you sick of the World's anti-americanism?

And no, this goes back way before Bush. Are you sick of non-americans being so anti-american? Lets look at Canada for example, they pride themselves in fact that they are not americans. I've been to a few canadian forums and all they talk about is how bad the USA is. Then the European nations want US to mind its own business and not go into other nations affairs, itsn't that a little hypocritical? Since they always critizcize the USA.

About Isreal: Russia condemns Israel taking care of its terroist even though Russia has no problems fighting the chechens.

The world is hypocritical and anti-american and mostly run by cowardly leaders (blair, chirac, zapterero)

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    America (The Government) gives the world aide when they cannot do it themselves, or when their needs exceed their ability to provide themselves (Earthquake/Tsunami/Food/Economic) regardless of political ties (North Korea, China, Iran for Food, Flood and Earthquake relief). America was the largest money provider to the Palestinians (Pre-HAMAS Govt), they still hate America.

    America provides security or military help to those who ask for it (South Korea/Saudi Arabia/Kuwait/Most Nations during WWII/Western Europe during the Cold War). Americans (The People) contribute countless millions of dollars from their pockets on top of what the government gives to help others through natural disasters, political disasters, man-made disasters.

    America didn't exist when the Crusades happened, America didn't Colonize most of the world (England / France / Spain / Belgium / Portugal) and slaughter the people who lived their first, start the slave trade or create dissent through segregation among the populations.

    America has had success where others have failed, America has prospered when others have not. America is strong while others are weak. America can when others cannot. Its easy to hate the best. Everyone wants to see the best fail, fall, be disgraced. Others did not earn to be where America is, what Americans have done to get where we are.

    Whatever America does and whatever America doesn't do is automatically America's fault. The US didn't do anything during the Israel/Hezbollah conflict and we were blamed for it. Had we done anything, sent in troops or whatever, we would have been blamed for interfereing in other countries affairs. The World cannot have it both ways.

    Those that are really aware of things, are thankful for what America has done and is willing to do in order to keep peace, freedom, open markets and stability. Those who are mad or hate America probably don't know why they hate, they just read it was the thing to do, influenced by the Media, their Government, their friends... whatever. Yes America has done wrong and there are those that Hate America for the right reasons, but they are few and far between those that hate America, and don't even know why they hate. They just hate. Go to certian areas of bigger cities in America. The diverse population hates what is going on in particular areas of the world, these people fled those areas because of what their governments were and are doing.

    Yet where did they come to get away from the atrocities?


    Source(s): Even the Ex-Iranian President hates America, but where is he now? America
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    Until recently, Americans thought the rest of the world admired the U.S. They thought that people coming to the U.S. to make a better living was an indication that the U.S. is the greatest country in the world. The U.S. also helped the defeated countries of World War II get back on their feet.

    But it's changed in the last two decades, because while we are a great humanitarian country that digs deep when the need is great, we also tend to send in the troops to force our demands on countries; we also tend to propose economic policies that first and foremost benefit U.S. companies, sometimes to the expense of entire countries.

    This could be understandable if there were several superpowers in the world, and the U.S. was one of many vying for the top spot. But the U.S. is the remaining superpower, and it's natural that other peoples, for good or bad, would resent the U.S. economic, political and military might.

    Here are a few reasons why the world resents the U.S. in one degree or another:

    The U.S. proxy wars during the 1950s-1980s in its battles with the former Soviet Union showed that it really didn't care for other countries all that much, or only to the extent that those countries could do something for the U.S. in its battle with the USSR.

    The U.S. was willing to bomb the world back to the Stone Age in its primal battle with the former USSR. At one point in the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan was willing to have a "tactical" nuclear war over Europe to settle the U.S. and USSR's Cold War. The Europeans were not pleased, to say the least.

    The U.S. trade policies tend to benefit large multinational and U.S. based firms at the expense of poor Third World industries. These policies, also directed at the world's farmers, tend to hurt the non-US producers.

    The U.S. has not been shy in invading countries that it feels are a national security threat of some sort. Examples abound, going way back: the Phillipines, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras, El Salvador, Chile, Vietnam, Grenada, Hondoruas, Nicaragua and others. We also have a history of supporting corrupt governments overseas - governments which are unpopular with their own people - but which the U.S. supports because these governments support U.S. policies. These include: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran in the past, Iraq in the past, Chile under Pinochet, El Salvador under right wing governments of the 1980s, Guatemala, Phillipines in the past, etc. The list is rather long.

    Sometimes the U.S. tries to impose its political and economic system on countries which have no interest in it. (For example, Bush's desire to impose democracy on the Middle East.) These countries are mostly theocracies and the idea of a separation of church and state is repugnant to them.

    This is not to say that the U.S. will never be admired as a country again. I think once Bush, who has an incredibly negative reputation overseas, is out of office, the next president and government can hopefully start re-building the U.S.'s reputation. It's going to take a lot of humility and determination and fair policies on the our part, though.

    Source(s): College degree in political science, former political reporter
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    Well it's partly their fault and partly ours, all these years that the foreign media has blamed us for everything under the sun, and after awhile the people start believing it, we have done absolutly nothing to counter it (except throw money at it ), not one person from this country; when someone printed or broadcast some outrageous crap about us got up in front of the world and said " excuse me but that is an outright lie" or something to that effect,we just let them say whatever they wanted and no one ever called them on the carpet for it and exposed it for what it was, a lie, now it's to late. As far as minding our own business goes I wonder if the Europeans would have been singing the same tune if we just got on the boats after WWII and went home, and didn't bother spending who knows how many billions of dollars rebuilding the place and didn't waste our time keeping their butts away from the Russians for 50 years

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    i came from the phils and yes we are divided about the acceptance of americans' influence on our country, some say ur country have an ulterior motive in helping us and others say its a relationship that both country will benefit.

    on my own view, it's how the world goes, weither we accept it or not america is really a powerful nation, to be an ally is good, yet very risky, to be an anti is troublesome, besides if a third world country goes anti, it has no other choice but to join iraq (he3)just kiddin.

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    Th' world looks pretty brown from where you gots yo head stuck, don't it? I'm sick of the Shrub and his Bush-league con men cronies giving the world reason to be so bloody anti-American. Yo, even though the Shrub HIMSELF now admits Iraq and Saddam, scumbag tho he is, had nothing to do with Osama bin Laden, al-Quaida OR 9/11/01, you still support that super-simple S.O.B.? Even tho he's gutted environmental protections, f*cked up on New Orleans/Hurricane Katrina, called the Constitution of the United States "a goddam piece of paper", allowed the removal of tens of thousands of needed jobs overseas and even disbanded the unit of the CIA that was supposed to track down bin Laden 'cause it was costing more money the Shrub wants to blow on his senseless war in Iraq, you STILL support him? What the eff-you-see-kay is the MATTER with such people?????

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    thats cause the american govt keep stickin their nose in other peoples business when they are not supposed because they seem to be the only superpower and think they can do whatever they want and in the end the american people cop the sh*t i hate the american govt not the people ive met a few americans they seem to be good people but because america has always had a sh*t govt everyone seems to be anti-american

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    40 years ago they hated us because we were at the top of all the lists. We were the wealthiest nation on earth, the most productive, our kids scored higher than any other nation, we had more inventions and we were the first to put a man on the moon.

    Now we're becoming one of the poorest nations on earth, our labor unions have sent our productivity to Mexico and India, our kids scores are among the lowest and with the exception of the pharmaceutical industry, most US companies have shut down their R & D departments and NASA is almost a joke.

    And all in one generation.

    Are you sure it's hate . . . maybe it's laughter?

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    It's a long standing tradition pre-dating Bush, that's for sure. It always makes me roll my eyes just a tad, when I hear the phrase "squandered good will". Still, I don't really care. I do take exception to your listing Blair. He has stood behind the US to his own detriment.

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    i am tired of people saying they hate the U.S.!! seriously. but millions of people immigrate here. they're hypocrites!!

    as for the canadians, they are american too, since they live in the north AMERICAN continent!! so, they need to shut the f*ck up!! that goes for all the other people that live in the north and south AMERICAN continents!!!

    USA forever!!!

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    Well, maybe it would stop if America kept it's nose out of every other country's business and try to police the world.

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