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What are some of the best scuba diving sites near Cairns?

I'll be in Cairns next month for some Barrier Reef diving and I'm hoping some of you have suggestions for best dive spots, best companies to take me out, etc. I'd be willing to drive anywhere within an hour or so of Cairns to get a good boat.

My wife and I are both advanced scuba divers so we'd be ready to do almost anything (wreck, deep, etc), but we need some suggestions!

We'd love to see differing wildlife, maybe a wreck, mangroves, whatever! We have 2, maybe 3 days of diving.

Suggestions?? :)

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    1 decade ago
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    Don't know any personally but there are heaps based in Cairns's a site for you to follow up.

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  • I am an ex Navy diver and we simply went to the many islands, teh reef... As to companies, I cannot help BUT ask them about their history as there are two companies that have a bad record per many many media reports. I cant advise though who they are

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