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Is it true that the Company of Proctor & Gamble is operated by members of a Satanic Cult?

And please list your Source.

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    My 'source' is I grew up in Cincinnati, OH (P & G Headquarters) & have worked for companies that do market research studies for them. This myth is as old as the hills! Sheesh.

    If you knew anything about the area & people who work there, this urban myth would never have gone on as long as it has. Cincinnati is probably the most conservative town on the planet, and very religious (mostly Catholic). P & G was probably the last big company to accept 'casual Fridays', kicking & screaming. You can't find a company that has more stuffed shirts in one place!

    Source(s): - for more info, if you need 'proof'
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    My aunt is a Jehovah's witness and I have heard this about P & G since the 1970's. Sort of reminds me of the Michael Jackson Story. You keep hearing about it long enough, maybe there is a thread of truth in there somewhere. Other web stories below.

    Proctor and Gamble and Satan

    The Devil will use anything and any willing vessel to see if he can get the Christians to take their minds and eyes off of Jesus. For example, there is a story that almost every baby Christian has heard at one time or another. It goes like this: some person says that someone they know personally has seen a television program on which the head of the Proctor and Gamble Corporation has appeared, stating that the company donates money to the Church of Satan. The name of the television program varies, but it is usually Donohue, Oprah, Sally Jesse Raphael, or some other such talk show. Then this person will give you a long list of Proctor and Gamble products you should not buy.

    In truth, this has never happened. The head of Proctor and Gamble has never appeared on any of these programs, and the company does not support the Church of Satan. Rather, this is an evil rumor which has been traced back to a supposedly Christian corporation in an effort to draw customers away from Proctor and Gamble and take their share of the consumer market.

    Common sense should tell any reasonably intelligent person that it would be an impossibility for this story to be true. For one thing, Proctor and Gamble is not a private corporation, but a publicly traded one. This being the case, the President of the company could not give any portion of the profits to anyone but the shareholders. As with any publicly held corporation, every penny is watched, traced and has to be accounted for.

    Another more interesting site is:

  • No, it's an urban legend started in the 1970's. So the story goes the Pres. of P & G went on the Tonight Show (or Phil Donahue, Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, depending on which version your hear) and said that profits from P&G went to The Church of Satan.

    Usually if something sounds to ridiculous to be true, it is. Think why on earth would anyone do that??? So they could drive themselves out of business??? And don't you think by now the video would have surfaced?

    It's an urban legend. Period

    Source(s): Try the book Urban Legends or common sense And if profits had been going to the Curch of Satan, LaVey wouldn't have died bankrupt!
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    Completely false. CHeck below for the snopes report.

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    Two words... urban legend. See link below.

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    Wow cool! I'm going out to buy more P & G shower foam.

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    i think so

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