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1.The team___waiting for fianlly arrived.

(A)who been (B)whom we had

(C)who we (D)we had been

2.The general controls a thousand men,___must obey his orders in both war and peace.

(A)all of whom (B)all of who

(C)all them (D)all of which

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    1. 答案是(D)

    The team we had been waiting for finally arrived.

    (B)如果變成 whom we had been的話就是正確的嚕,因為後面有個waiting(ing的形式在,所以一定要有個be動詞在那邊)

    然後因為這裡的team算是waiting for這個動作的一個受詞,所以必須要用whom不能用who

    2. 答案是(A)

    要解題的話第一個步驟是先把第二句分開自己獨立,那就是變成 All of them must obey.....



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    1.(D)we had been

    2.(D)all of which

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