Revelation & China?

Did Revelation mention anything about China ???

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    China isn't mentioned by name, so you'd have to go find out what it was called in history. I think it is, haven't researched it. Why are you wondering?

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    In Jesus day travellers would come from the east. As a very small boy the wise men brought Christ gifts when he was two years old. They followed a star which brougt them from a great distance. The Euphrates river hinders travel but in Revelation that river will be dried up. Some believe China is mentioned because of the number 200,000,000 which China right now can put soldiers of that magnitude on any battlefield. China invented gunpowder, in Revelation 9, one third of the world will perish by the smoke, fire and brimstone... sounds like a nucleur attack doesn't it. Hang onto your hats the future will be so bad that the Bible says mens hearts will fail them because of fear! There is a verse in Revelation 6 that is 27 times worse than our own WW2. 55,000,000 people died in those years but in Revelation 6, one fourth of the world will die which at the present count would be 1.5 billion. The look is up, don't leave this earth without Christ!

  • mel
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    1 decade ago

    I believe the only reference some scholars sight is one that talks about a great nation from the east but I can't tell you right off hand which passage it is. Sorry

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    Not directly, but it did infer that the American market would be flooded with cheap electronics and pirated DVDs. And I think Yao Ming is in there somewhere.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no i dont think so!!

    the US is described as the 4th beast with all the signs that represent America!!

    it's all in the bible!

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