Did Bon Scott record Back in Black before he died?

This recording certainly sounds like him. The guitar doesn't sound like a familiar Angus Young riff though...

Any info on this track (ive got the mp3) would be appreciated.

Update: And no, it's not Brian Johnson. Thanks Scratchwhiplash.
Update 2: No, No , No Paula... he didn't - he was dead when the album Back in Black was recorded.
Update 3: For anyone else answering this - listen to the track. I KNOW Brian Johnson took over from Bon...This question is for AC/DC officianados only.
Update 4: ★☆ßĻŨĘ☆★™ Yep, I hear ya.
Update 5: Thanks Redrum.... Massive respect.
Update 6: Redrum...a good cover, if it is one. But I could swear that's Bon's voice on there...
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