why does everyone hate the New York Yankees?

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    im not 4 i am from ny!!! born and raised. GO YANKEES!!!! watch out 4 the yankees they steppin up they game.

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    I do not hate the yankees, just the effect they have on a great game like baseball. What the yankees do is cheating. They think that if they overspend on players, they can buy a world series. This has worked for them in the past, but not as much as it should. Every year they have the highest payroll, yet they have not won in over 6 years. It is bad for baseball because it drives up the salaries for the entire league. A decent player that would command 1 or 2 million from any other team can go to the yankees for 4 or 5 million. Then the next year when other players of the same position come due for a new contract, the league average is driven higher for all players of that position because of the yankees overpaying for this player. A perfect example of the is Raul Mondesi. He was a decent player, but he went to the yankees for twice what he is worth. now every bench outfielder that hits 20hr and 80 rbi thinks they are worth twice what they are offered because the yankees will pay. The yankees are bad for baseball and the economy of the game

    A-Rod signed a 252 million contract which was stupid for everyone including him. Yes, he got 252 million, but his team could not afford to get any players to support him. The rangers continued to be bad. A-Rod got screwed because the rangers needed to unload his salary and the only team that could afford it was the yankees. HE did not have a choice of where to go, and now the media in New York treats him terribly but it is indirectly his own fault for accepting a contract that he knew only the yankees could afford.

    What is pitiful about the yankees and their ability to scout talent is that half of the players they overpay for are not good players. They spend twice as much as any other team besides the red sox, and they cannot even win their division some years.

    The have 5 players that each get paid more than the entire florida marlins team, yet the marlins have won the series twice in the past 10 years and the yankees have only one it once.

    Source(s): The yankees are bad for baseball.
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    1. A lot of people think they are ruining the game of baseball. By spending so much money they not only make it unfair for everyone else to compete but overspending on their players (not just A-rod, Jeter is making 20 million) drives up the price on ALL the good players in the majors. This makes the gap between them and the rest of the MLB even greater.

    2. They try too hard to have a "professional" image and the media often assists them. The fact that Giambi took steroids (dont even try to deny it, the guy admitted to it under oath) and Sheffield too (he claimed he didn't know...HAHAHA) has all but dissappeared from the news. I have seen Wang throw at people's heads before (he did it to Manny). Randy Johnson had his little problem with that guy with the camera last year. Sheffield shoved a fan (the fan might have deserved it but Sheffield would have killed the guy if two security guards hadn't gotten in the way. But yet, the media and the Yankee fans claim that they are the most professional team in the MLB. Its also kind of ridiculous that they all are forced to cut their hair (it didn't matter that Gilette donated 10,000 dollars to charity every time Damon grew his hair long and cut it, a professional image is far more important to them than charity).

    3. Their fans dont help them either. Sure, Red Sox and Cubs fans are supposedly the worst but Yankee fans seem to care little about baseball outside of NY. They are the only fans I know of who have engaged in a massive chant involving the F-word (**** you Junior). Its the only park I know of that a player has had an open switchblade thrown at them. Its the only park I know of that needed a riot squad to come out after the umpires made the RIGHT call. But of course the Red Sox and Cubs fans are the worst

    4. Their owner. Sports owners are usually bad if they are a household name (Mark Cuban) and Steinbrenner is perhaps the most well known owner in sports. The guy made illegal contributions to Nixon's 1972 campaign and hired a gambler to search for dirt on Randy Winfield...after he was off the team. He also claimed he punched two dodgers fans during the 1981 world series, the truth: he punched a wall in a hissy-fit.

    So those are a few of the reasons why people hate the Yankees...and they ******* win all the time.

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    Anyone who isn't a Yankees fan hates the Yankees 1. because of George Steinbrenner, their owner, who has enough money to support an entire African country, but instead chooses to load his team with the best players in the game 2. because they have made many playoff appearances and have won quite a few World Series titles, and 3. because it's fun to boo them and quite easy to loathe them (most baseball fans are jealous of their success- as a Cubs fan, I am too)

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    greencaddyman, you'd think that since you wrote so much you would make sure you had a little bit of an idea as to what you were talking about.

    They didn't sign Mondesi, they traded for him. They have actually won 4 world series in the past 10 years, and they are not cheating if there's no rule against it.

    It all comes down to jealousy. Poor Cubs fans, the owners have more money then George, but yet they dont put it back into their teams. Everyone wishes their team could be like the Yankees.

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    I've lived in New York most of my life.

    I am a Cubs fan.

    No, the Cubs don't win much. Yeah, the Yankees win a lot.

    The Cubs have heart.

    The Yankees can buy the best players in the world. That's not what I call heart. That's just another form of corporate doggypoo.

    I feel about the Yankees pretty much the same way I feel about Paris Hilton: why the hell should I waste my valuable energy rooting for someone who doesn't need it and (literally) richly doesn't deserve it.

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    Because they buy their wins, the dont produce players from their system like every other team. And because SOME of their fans are just idiots, so anyone that isnt a Yankees fan dislikes the Yankees

  • It's quite obvious, actually. They're so friggin' cocky and think they can trample everyone. What's more, I don't really see them as a team. To me, they're just a bunch of robot like players. They haven't got any souls or hearts. I think some Yankee fans see them the same way as I do. If not, why would they say such nasty things about A-Rod? Why don't they show the guy some support instead of makin' him feel like crap?

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    Because they Make the playoffs ever year,It's now become our birth right.Yes our birth right to be in the playoffs every yr.Oh yes because our owner cares about NY fans.He puts money in players pockets,,NOT HIS OWN!!!! Like most of the other team owners do.So this makes the big cry babies JEALOUS!!! BO HO

    WAHHHHHH deep down inside you all wish you had an owner like

    George.And Met fan's take note, Omar is now doing the same!!Buying the best.He's taking a page out of George's book.So don't

    ***** About the yankees,when he's doing the same.AND MORE POWER TO HIM!!!!

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    Because the Yankees always win

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    Because it's one of them 'love 'em or hate 'em' type teams. Many people choose to hate them. I am one of them. Maybe part of it is due to the obnoxious Yankee fans. Or perhaps it's due to Steinbrenner. Maybe it's because the team puts so much money into buying the best players available. Maybe because they underutilize their farm team. Dunno...everyone's got their reasons and everyone is entitled their opinions. Deal with it.

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