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What is the best way to treat anemia and polycystic ovarian syndrome?

I have pcos and anemia and have been on birth control for years. I took my doc.'s advice and have lost about 55lbs I totally cut out fast & junk food and my goal is to loose 50 more lbs. Is weight loss a cure for this disease? Are there different types of anemia?

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    I have PCOS too. For the anemia, my doc had me taking prenatal vitamins because there is iron in them. I don't think there is a cure for PCOS, we're just stuck with it!! :) Good job on losing the weight. I've only lost 15, but am looking to lose about 20 more.

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    Red Meat.

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    hormone treatment.

    yes there many kinds of anemia...

    if its an iron deficiency anemia, iron supplements would do.

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    Weight loss will help tremendously. My cousin had PCS and she was given insulin. Good luck.

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    Crank up your iron intake. (For anemia)

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