George W. Bush is a great president (here's why) does that change your opinion of me?

Here's why (hope telling you this doesn't make you want to insult me)

1) The way he has directed the military has resulted in the capture of everyone involved in every aspect of the 9/11 attacks (except th ones that died)

2) He has surrounded himself with people who have proven that they can produce results in the areas that they specialize in (i.e. Donald Rumsfeld)

3) He has morals and a clean lifestyle unlike Bill Clinton.

4) He visits the wounded soldiers at the hospital regularly

5) He is emotional and vulnerable.

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    I I feel you are not analyzing things well or maybe are misinformed..if you want respect, you should at least be openminded enough to hear some facts, research them, and search your conscience by remembering the golden rule for those suffering at Bush's hand...would you want these things donte to you if you were in their shoes.

    If you are not a mindless sheep, you will take the time to read this long posts and reflect on it.

    1, he has not captured the alleged perpetator of 9-11, Osama Bin Laudin. In fact, Bush said "frankly, I'm not that concerned, I don't spend that much time thinking about him."

    Instead, he goes into a nation who had nothing to do with 9-11 and releases the equilavent of 1/4 milion nagaski bombs in depleted uranium poisoning all food and water and making it unsafe to consume for 4 1/2 billion years and doing this to innocent civilian's children and babies

    (scroll down to bottom of page)

    this is unconscienable and immoral and unjust and heartless; this violates the golden rule, so --no-- he does not have morals or act as a Christian. These weapons are causing birth defects to skyrocket as far 1000% and cancer to go up 1000% as well as caused gulf war type symptoms in all four places we used it.

    We are poisoning our trooops --67% of first gulf war vets (the first time we used it and now we increased use several times so health problems will be much worse) have had children with serious birth defects like missing eyes and limbs (but Iraq's are unlike any defoormities I have ever seen--haunted me for 6 months after seeing them) do that to an innocent child and its parents and greandparents.

    It is this--killing people's children-- that will cause hated and desire to retaliatate making us far less safer.

    Also 13,000 troops have died from our secret nuclear wars. Military documents show that they suggest covering up the massive health and environmental effects of depted uranium. Spouses of vets so poisoned have gotten sick through sex and radiation poisoning as well.

    Depeted uranium (d.u.)has violated all four rules of war that treaties we signed agreed not to violate.

    D.U. dust and its awful effects has spread to 15 countries and will continue to kill, sicken, and deform people and all species till the end of time....forever and forever..

    People who won't even know the US existed will suffer at our hand and Bush's hand... These crimes againstr humanity FAR exceed the nazis and history will not look favorably on leaders decisions to use them...

    This will destroy human DNA and as use of the weapons increases or are used elsewhere (as we have given them to 14 countries), with connected waterways and air, all DNA will eventually be damaged beyond repair as there is no treatment known.

    This war caused the deaths, sicknesses and deformities of future generations (for4 1/2 billion years, 15 neighboring countries, inncocent civilians, prisoners, troops and their families (wives/future children), other species, and contaminated all food and water forever. This is terrorism on a scale never before seen.

    There is so much to say about this topic but this is an introduction.

    2. He has surrounded himself with yes men and with corruption and people making profits off their leadership positions. He not not listen to experts but only himself and his yes men and women. (ex--military experts siad don't invade Iraq and have more troops, etc. He has appointed cronies and unqualified people like appointing people from companies he is involved in as ambassadors to countries in order to get pipelines etc. buiolt..many many incidences of totally unqualified business people in his appointments putting loyalty to him, profit making, and people who will protect him from prosecution when he leaves office.

    3. He is not living as Jesus says

    see calendar girl's answer here as to why and how the right violates Jesus' teachings.;_ylt=AulKuQ241R...

    4. He put our soldiers in harm's way in our unjust war that not only was unnessessary but which is causing more hatred of US and will lead to terrorist's acts of revenge.

    . He holds great responsibility for the deaths of Americans, Iraqis, allies, and the injured he visits. He gives up a few hours while others give up a leg or an arm or a son or a husband or father or daughter. He walks out to his great life while those his decisions harmed then live with the pain and nerve damage and loss of a dearly loved child, not Cindy Sheeham asked "what noble cause did my son die for?"

    5. I do not feel he is emotional at all...he is cold ..he thinks not an instant about the people who will be harmed by the 50 billion dollars in programs cuts (food programs, housing, child support enforcement, vets benefits, schools, etc--reverse Robin Hood bill passed in December in order to give 70 billion in tax cuts to the rich a few weeks later.

    It isn't enough that the poor are always the ones to give their sons and daughters to war (while the rich get out of it) but now they must also finance his ungodly expensive war on their backs by losing things klike school lunches, wic, section 8, veterans benefits, school funding, etc.

    He who" favors the rich over the poor is committing a sin" says the Bible, People may die from these cuts and will suffer tremendously.

    So many people have no health care-- so many have no job--so many can't afford gas or heating oil---or food---in this country especially after 50 billion in cuts...does Bush care? No--just about the rich..

    Not emotional about people pain...and who is vulnerable..a little kid thrown on the street to homelessness when the housing is cut to finance Bush's tax cuts and war...or Bush---one of the wealthiest of people with vacations galore..

    If you are not a brainwashed sheep like so many in this country, you will think about this and if you are a Christian, you need to ask WWJD about the least among us and what about blessed are the peacemakers and thou shall not kill. What about pray for your enemies and trust God to save you from harm not man..

    If you support evil, you may be held in part responsible someday or live to regret it...please wake up..this is not a great man..

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  • 1 decade ago

    Here's why:

    1) The way he has directed the murder of a generation and helped osama and family leave the country, even though every other plane was grounded.

    2)He has surrounded himself with people who have a proven record of crimes against the American people.

    3)He has a moral obligation to steal a country's oil supply or kill them to get it.

    4)He visits the wounded soldiers who can't strangle his azz because their limbs are blown off for the lie he and his boys and girl told about the WMD's.

    5)He is emotionally incompetent and made all Americans vulnerable to everyone that hates HIM, so they think we are like him.

    Source(s): Myself, mother of a military son!
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  • 3 years ago

    (a million) it is not actual. (2) On Rumsfeld's watch the U. S. military has been stretched to the snapping factor on 2 fronts, the two one in each of them below-presented with little long-selection making plans. Gonzalez re-defined "torture" extraordinarily to allow the U. S. to torture prisoners--a number of whom are truthfully harmless--at the same time as arguing in the previous the preferrred court docket that the president does not ought to obey the regulation. The SOI promotes "voluntary compliance" of environmental regulation, meaning basically those regulations basically isn't enforced. This White living house went from a balanced fee selection to the main important deficits in our history. The record is going on. (3) George W. Bush has close ties to convicted felons and in my opinion ordered the deaths of greater individuals as Governor of Texas than the different Governor blended. for somebody with a "sparkling life sort" he seems notably soaking wet in crime and blood to me. (4) So what? That basically skill he's a clever flesh presser. (5) i do no longer look him that way in any respect. I see him as conceited. techniques you, I additionally do no longer think of his character is amazingly germaine. The presidency is a activity. you do no longer hire a techniques common practitioner because of the fact which you like his jokes yet for ability at techniques surgical treatment. The president should be sturdy at being president, no longer inevitably a extreme-high quality individual.

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  • cam
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    1 decade ago

    It changed my opinion of you, I like you, don't know you but appreciate someone pointing out the good he has done. Most only point out the things that happen that make a person look bad.

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  • Jazz
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    1 decade ago

    I think Bush (like every other leader) has his good moments and his bad moments!

    But i still think its time for him to step down and give someone else a chance to prove their worth!

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  • 1 decade ago

    He is also directly responsible for 2000 unnecessary deaths of our military men.I think that he is our commander in chief and has to take responsibility for his actions!

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  • 1 decade ago

    5) He is emotional and vulnerable. That really isn't a quality i would look for in a world leader

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Bush has done a tremendous job.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I take any and every opportunity to bash Bush. He's stupid. Nothing he's done will change that fact. Ciao!

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  • 1 decade ago

    well this post does make me want to insult you, but i'm not going to.have a great day

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  • 1 decade ago

    *falls asleep* ZZZZzzz Plz wake me up when your talking about something more important & if you honestly think that all the above is what makes a gret president then.........ZZZZZzzzzz *snoars*

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