How to bypass Rapidshare download?

I need help in downloading in After downloading 1 file and you have to wait for 1 hour to download other file.

How to Bypass this?? Can you people give me some tricks & tips which really works??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Nope there is a way but it's a bit time consuming.

    Rapidshare recognizes users based on their ip address. Once they see that an ip address has downloaded a file, it will automatically make it wait an hour to download again. If you can change your ip address, you can change how websites recognize you.

    Proxies are a perfectly legal way to do this. For this method to work you need a high speed connection (no dialup). The hardest part is actually finding proxies that work, over 90% of them are dead or inactive (it was a lot easier a few years ago).

    To use a proxy all you have to do is go to tools (at top of internet explorer), internet options, click on the connections tab, click lan settings button, then when you have a proxy number you would check use a proxy server for your lan. A good site that worked for me alot is

    but you can find tons of sites by doing a simple search on google for "free public proxies" Once you check the box and paste in the proxy, you'll know if it works or not by simply having internet access when you hit ok. Don't worry about port numbers, just copy and paste the entire proxy into the first box. Hope it works for ya gl.

  • 1 decade ago

    None of the tricks work...and if it does it won't work long because the people who run rapidshare are quick and disable "tricks" to get past the download limit...

    Just put in a little money..isn't all the expensive...or just do it like everyone else and wait

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