Will you have time to study,or will you have to skip some classes if you join a college sports team ?

I'm thinking about trying out for the basketball team of my college,but many people told me that I might not have time to study,and I might have to skip some classes for the games as well,is it true ?

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    1 decade ago
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    It doesn't have to be true. If you plan your time well, you should be able to do both sports and classes.

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    Joining a college sports team is an extra-curricular activity, something you attend to while at the same time attending your classes. There is no excuse, your professors will flunk you if you are lackadaisical in your academic requirements. If you are a member of the varsity team and there are tournaments where you represent the school against another school, there might be special or extraordinary considerations such as allowing you to skip class and take special examinations for those you missed but there is no escaping the responsibility to satisfactorily fulfill the minimum academic passing requirements. And there are no exemptions available at all.

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    I was on my college tennis team and it was very difficult as in the practices are much longer and more often than in high school.....It's something to really think about......I decided that being an engineer was more important.......Take care, hun........

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    Depends on how good you are at sports.

    The colleges attitude to attention making- to sports over brains... sports bring in big alumni dollars...

    Money money etc. Muscle cordination important to nation.

    no one thinks... iraq iran think differently,

    George now quotes

    Osama... he is learning to read!

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    Skip all your classes and drink heavy,smoke some dope too!

  • 1 decade ago

    u dont hav to if u manage everything prorerly..

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