Does anyone know a sentence that uses all 8 parts of speech?

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    I quickly wade across the cold and empty pool through the poo. Yuk!

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    nope. tell me the the 8 parts of speech and I might know something.

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    Yeah, we had this lously teacher who always gave his students so many tests and quizzes in his class, we all vomitted.

    Interjection = Yeah

    Noun = teacher, students, etal...

    Pronoun = we, his

    Verb = gave, vomitted

    Preposition = in,

    Adverb = always

    Adjective = lously

    Conjunction = and

    Of course all the other words are one part of speech as well.

  • 1 decade ago

    The mangy brown dog ran wildly up the street and all listening heard high pitched cries as the dog decided to chase a cat.

    adjective - mangy, brown

    noun - dog

    verb - ran, listening, heard, decided

    adverb - wildly

    prepositional phrase - up the street

    direct object of heard - cries

    infinitive phrase- to chase

    conjunction - and

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  • what r the 8 parts of speech...

    srry i reallllyyy have to brush up on those skills

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, I like the big dogs that lay quietly on the floor.

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    oh my, Joe asked a stupid question of the tired librarian and she wanted to slap him, but she chased him through the door instead.

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