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Timi asked in 娛樂與音樂電影 · 1 decade ago





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  • 1 decade ago
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    “Butterfly” this flat and thin piece, although felt looks like the child movie very much, but behind is containing the profound philosophy actually, lets the human be worth the province thinking.

    In the movie, warm lively Lisa, the julyan is seeking the rare butterfly - Iraq Li sha with neighbor grandfather to be white, once process, two human of each other dialogues, all let me realize have stepped the nature journey, could experience the different stage and enlighten mutually, the human and human each other being together, as well as we were likely same on the butterfly, from the ugly caterpillar, was dormant changes into the cocoon, but the emergence became the beautiful butterfly to finally the broken cocoon, is best metaphor which each person grew unceasingly exchanges changes.

    Not only this movie felt fresh also has the inspiration mind effect very much, the tear gas touching fills the education instructive, is movie which is worth appreciating well.

  • 1 decade ago

    "Butterfly" this film, although the feeling is like child's movie very much,the back contain deep philosophy, letting a worthy of inspection of person.

    In the movie, hot liver and cheery Li Sha, come after a neighbor a grandpa benefit Anne to look for a rare butterfly-Elizabeth, the process that is among them, the dialogue of two people, all let me realize once stepping on the itinerary of the great universe, will experience a different stage and inspire mutually, person and personses get along with, and we are like a butterfly, hibernating to change into a chrysalis from the ugly caterpillar, breaking a cocoon till the last and pay go to heaven as a fairy a butterfly of becoming the beauty, is everyone to grow up to exchange to change continuously of best metaphor.

    This movie not only feels delightfully fresh but also has result of inspiring the mind very much, urging the tears feeling a person and being filled with education to inspire sex, is the department worthy of good like appreciate of film.

    Source(s): 翻譯機
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