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首先是(陳奕秀)女士,她發表的論文,題目是 The pragmatics and Grammaticalization of Taiwan Southern :"死".現在請她來發表.







請前/後/面 左/右邊這一位先生/女士發言.







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    Good afternoon, every person having the same habit of linguistics, gentlemen, lady:

    I am " Dong Zhong manages " ,Coming from Taiwan, the present post is in the language and language education research institute of Taiwan of educational university of Hsinchu.

    Life course human to us, no matter feel long or short, instantly, instantly, all of us have 100 minutes this, we can enjoy this period of bright time each other .

    (whether ask agenda form five thesis these issue people come?) OK, let us go on according to the time and procedure on the agenda form:

    Because this is that Chinese hides the language society to discuss, every scholar is familiar with Chinese, persons are all Chinese users that we publish five theses of this one, so, following we can adopt Chinese to issue and discuss the thesis . Everybody has 20 minutes, can use to issue to persons among them for 12 minutes , discuss for 8 minutes.

    Lady (Chen YiXiu) at first, the thesis which she published, the topic is The pragmatics and Grammaticalization of Taiwan Southern: " Die " . Ask her to issue now.

    The next one is (happy and luxuriant in the forest )

    The next one is (Li YiLun), she did not come , ask (Chen SiYi ) to publish her thesis ahead of time.

    Each person makes a speech for every 2 minutes. Please make a speech. Please answer.

    Just a moment, please.

    Can you reflect this question?

    Ask this gentleman / lady to make a speech.

    Before it invite /after /pieces of left / on the right this persons of gentleman /make a speech lady.

    Every ladies and gentlemen, our time this will arrive soon, will have 5 minutes , will permit to put forward another question.

    Every ladies and gentlemen, our time this has already arrived, the meeting leaves it at that, happy every everyday to thank everybody for everybody's participation and offer wishing, safe in all one's life.

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