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ectodermal dysplasia?

I am 25 and I have ectodermal dysplasia. its a condition where a person is born with mouth, skin and hair deformities. luckily I only have a problem with my teeth. Unfortunatly all of my teeth are baby teeth. yep thats right, I have no adult teeth. if I lose my teeth I dont grow permanant ones in thier place. the teeth I have right now are the same ones I had at age 2. does anyone know of any dentists who are looking to use somone as a guinea pig or practice for implants or other elective (but in my case very necesarry) procedures

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    I have dental implants and I too have a dental birth condition. Mine however is where I had too many teeth. Between the baby teeth and permanent teeth there are tons of extra teeth. More like bone things made out of tooth material. My conditon is called cleidocranial dysplasia.

    I have dental implants and the poster before me whether a nurse or not has no clue what those of us who have never had a beautiful smile feels.

    Getting implants isn't a horrible procedure either. In fact not bad at all. Lengthy? After never having a beautiful smile 5 months to me wasn't lengthy but so very worth it.

    As to who to tell you to call? Maybe a dental university. They study people with different conditions. My prosthodontists have treated people with your condition as well. I will give you a link to someone who has your condition and you can see what they did for them. Feel free to send me an e-mail.

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    Try a dental school, they only charge for materials used so they are a lot cheaper than any other dentist. They do great work because all students are supervised by acredited dentists or specialists, and since you want implants, it will most likely be done by a specialist. Only down side is that the actual time to be done with the treatment will be a lot longer than if you went to a private practice. And you have to sign a waiver saying that you accept to get treated by the dental school and students and faculty, which pretty much means you can't sue them if something goes wrong or doesn't come out the way you were expecting it to.

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    Dental implantation is a lengthy process. I hope you understand completely what you'd be getting into. If you want pro bono work done, contact a Dental school. When they get around to learning implants, you might be used but be prepared to get in line. I hope you get lucky and a dentist decides to help you because you need it.

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