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is there a dental school near Andalusia Alabama where I can get my bottom dentures put in prematurely?

I have a trach and no vocal cord because of throat cancer and I have to chew my food really well or I can get chocked. But I can't wear my bottom plate because they make my mouth sore and then I can't eatat all.So I need a dentist that will put them in for little or no cost.

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    I have a dentist list on my website. go to it and look for providers in your area. after that if you go to, contact us and and fill out the info " totally confidential " I can get u signed up for a discount program, or I can get you more info.

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    There's a dentist in Bulter Alabama who is said to have good prices.

    Bulter Dental Clinic

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    Luna, so sorry ,,,, what about your insurance ? no insurance ? local county hospital may help or at least advise you...

    try using a blender for your doctor will put you in danger by putting your denture in prematurely...

    i know you want to taste your food and half the fund of eating is chewing....but please take care of your self..........

    I am so sorry that you are going through this .really sorry......God bless and protect you always...........

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