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Scriptural question: Is Lebanon known as a desolate place?

I am not asking about the Lebanon of today, although it may be relevant. In the scriptures, I have always thought of Lebanon as a place with great cedar trees. However, I was reading in scripture tonight a prophecy about how Lebanon would become a "fruitful field" (implying that it wasn't fruitful). Was Lebanon in Isaiah's time considered un-fruitful? (See Isaiah 29:17.)

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    1 decade ago
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    The question of huge Cedars Forrest was answered a long time ago as stumps under the sand accounted for them. They were real.

    It appears or the best guess )Scienctific or otherwise is that people who were Herders arrived in the area of Lebanon, and the surrounding area (of which is all now desert like>).

    Sheep and Goats not only eat everything from the top down as far as they can reach they also dig up the roots, thus distroying everything. It is beleived this is what happened to the forrest of Lebannon. Herders would stay in one area until all the grass/ trees were gone and thna move on to the next area distroying everything. It really does not take a herd society long to distroy land. You turn a goat lose in your yard and unless he is fed daily you can soon forget a lawn. Same with Sheep.

    This has happened in african the middle east and in other places but some in which recovery did not take so long.

    Once a desert takes place it can be thousands of years recovering due to desert climatic conditions.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Check out they probably have a good biblical answer for you.

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    Once covered with so hot!

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