Is adware a virus itself, or does it lead to them?

ADWARE DETECTED! keeps popping up on my screen, I can never keep a computer safe because I always end up with random viruses that I cannot control. I'm sick of taking the computer to be fixed, it costs too much. Any ideas what I should do? Should I take it seriousely or no?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Adware is the name for a group of software that creates ads on your computer. Like popups, and unsual windows. Often these windows will try to get you to download their software to 'clean' the problem they created.

    Sounds like you are already infected. Best bet is to do the following

    Go to and get

    1. Lavasoft's AdAware

    2. Spybot Search and destroy.

    1. Install both and run thier update routines.

    2. Turn off System Restore

    3. Boot to safe Mode. (press F8 when the computer is starting and choose Safe Mode)

    4. Run adaware , full system scan. When that finishes

    5. Run Spybot, full scan

    6. Reboot

    When windows is back up , go to and run the 'Scan your PC for Free' options

    This is a full antivirus cleanup routine.

    You should be clean after these steps.

    Here's some info

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    Adware is a form a spyware. Spyware can lead to identity theft and other virus-like occurences on your computer. Visit for a program that can remove Adware for free.

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  • 1 decade ago

    go to

    Its free and it does a really good job of blocking adware

  • 1 decade ago

    there are only two programs you need for spyware ad-aware se personal and superantispyware

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