do u like to write???

poems, plays, stories. if so have u got them published. give me details of your writings.

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    I love to write, and am in the process of submitting poetry to publishers while I work on a fantasy novel. I've written several short stories as well.

    If you're interested in writing, there's a few books I'd recommend you take a look at:

    1) "Writing Down the Bones" by Natalie Goldberg

    2) "Bird By Bird" by Anne Lamott

    3) "Writer's Market" which is revised yearly

    4) "On Writing Well" by William Zinsser

    I think the two most important parts of being a writer are to read as much as you can and write as much as you can. I particularly try to read books in the genres I like to write in. It helps me get a sense of what is out there, what has already been written, and what I'd like to see in a story. And, I have a complete addiction to books about writing. Beyond the four I mentioned above, I probably have two dozen more.

    You just have to practice to be a writer. Write every day, if you can. When inspiration strikes, jot down a note to youself.

    I've been writing poetry and short fiction as long as I can remember, but my novel is a brand new undertaking. It brings me so much joy to be able to write!

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    I like to write. Several years ago I took a correspondence course on writing literature for children. But the emphasis of the course became getting published and this was not my intention in taking the course. I just wanted to become a better writer. I write about my experiences. I write technical papers for work. I started a novel about 5 years ago. I got disinterested although the story is still in my head. I think a novel was a bit too ambitious to start with.

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    omg i love to write

    i can write and write poems, plays, stories.

    no i haven't got any of them published yet.

    i write stories about my life and what i want to become in the future. i write love poems and songs.

    i wrote a story about two friends. one of the friends got really sick and the other friend made a secret garden for the sick friend.

    i wrote a story about a girl going on a cruise to Paris with her mom for the girl's birthday and a there was a big storm and wrecked the boat. but the family was OK. there was only three people who survived the storm. so the three survivors found a small emergency boat and rowed the nearest island and lived there for the rest of their lives because they couldn't find any one who can help. so the captain of the boat and the mom got married and had a kid together and the girl made a nice room for the new sibling.

    i wrote lots of stories and songs and stuff.

  • I love to write, but have never gotten one of my stories published. That would've been awesome...but I'm only 14.

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    Yeah i like to write but only on certain things. If like my teacher gives us topics that stinks, but if I get to choose then that's pretty OK.

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    i love to write its one of the thing that i really like to do. i just write what ever comes to mind it really doesn't matter what i write as long as im writting

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