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planting curcumas?

what time of year in N Florida can I plant curcumas?

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    I had a bunch before Katrina, now I'm down to 1. Apparently they are among the plants that do not thrive on 11.5 ft of brackish water for 3 weeks. I would do it when the foliage is showing as they are hard to find unless you remember where you planted them while they are dormant. They were given to me by a friend in the fall of the year. You may want to wait till it is a little cooler as plants get more stressed when transplanted in the heat.

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    A Yahoo search for "curcumas" (include the quotation marks in the search box) yields 1,230 results. If you do the same search, and are willing to spend a little time exploring, I'm sure that you will quickly find the information you seek.

    Good luck with your search.

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