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Anonymous asked in HealthDental · 1 decade ago

Can someone please explain me the difference between discounted dental plan and dental insurance?

Can someone please explain me the difference between discounted dental plan and dental insurance? Which one is better? I am so confused.

Thank you all. Ann.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    discount dental plan says "the desist will charge you less for this procedure, but you still have to pay him"

    dental insurance says "we will pay the dentist this much for his services, the rest is yours to pay"

    Insurance is better if you can get it, but some dentists will allow you to use both. They charge you less with the discount plan, so the insurance has less to pay and allows you to have more work done before you hit the maximum the insurance will pay per year. Talk to the dentist or office workers about it. they should be able to provide you with the best information.

  • 1 decade ago

    No one here will be able to tell you specifically which plan is better without all of the details. A discounted dental plan would probably charge you for dental work - but, as it states, at a discounted price. How much of a discount is in the fine print. Read the fine print. . . . A dental insurance plan will have a deductable and/or a co-pay. How much is paid by the insurance plan will be in the fine print. Read the fine print. . . . Then compare. Work out a few examples. Consider the costs under each plan for simple dental cleaning, for a filling, or for something bigger like root canal or bridge work. What would each plan offer and what would your "out of pocket" costs be? . . . Sorry I can't be of more help, but you really have to sort this out yourself or with someone in person who can look at all the details.

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    A discounted dental plan is where the plan provider has contracted with certain dentists to get you a reduced cost for their services. They don't pay for any of the service. Usually, they give the dentists that sign up with them a fee for signing. Dental insurance is where the insurance company pays a portion of the cost of the service. It is contracted, so the dentist usually writes off some of the fee. Dental insurance is better.

  • A dental insurance is some company who pays your bills as for dental plan is where you can pick your own dental within your area that can pay with or without money for example like having one of those BIC cards from the government. With this card you must have a dental or medical plan within your area.

  • 1 decade ago

    I swear, I'm going to make it my mission in life to follow these "Ameriplan" spammers around and report them whenever they attempt to blatantly advertise their cheesy "discount" plans.


    These so-called discount plans are a multi-level marketing scheme. It will cost far more to buy than the discounts will give you, PLUS what Dr. Sam said above - Good luck finding a dentist you like who will take this plan.

    Think about it: if a dentist is good, why should they take a bunch of patients who will pay substantially less than most everybody else walking through the door?? If a dentist has room for charity work, they give it to disabled people, kids, elderly, Katrina victims...

    Dentists run a business - they have employees to pay, overhead expenses, families to feed. If they could afford to write off 25% or more from their regular fees, why not just lower fees across the board? Patients would be flocking in to see them.

    As it is, there is a certain ratio of fees-to-costs to consider. If you take out 25% or more, it has to come from somewhere. Cheaper labs? Lower wages? Low-rent district? Skip that continuing education class? Cut-rate supplies? What part of the quality dentistry are you willing to give up?

    If this "Ameriplan" was such a good product, why do the sellers need to violate the anti-advertising rules of Yahoo! to promote it?

  • 1 decade ago

    Good answers above. I caution you to be careful before buying a discouned plan. They will generally have a very limited number of dentists who accept the plan and you may be faced with choosing from a few dentists that you just don't like at all. Check the list before you buy. Check all the terms of the plan before you buy.

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    go to this link and watch the video. then search for providers in your area. Then contact us and I can get you all the info you want.

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