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What should we do if a team loses D. Davis or G. Jones in Preseason?

We are having a controversy in our league. Because of schedules, we had to draft in the second week of Preseason. Now we have two season ending injuries and the respective owners are upset. Our waiver does not open until after the first game.

Should the owners of D. Davis and Greg Jones be allowed to pick up anyone on the waiver (Gabriel) or have to pick up the position they lost. I would suggest picking up the respective backup but D. Davis' backup is already drafted. Our Waiver system is based on 200 points that we use to 'bid' on players. We could just open it early but is that fair to the teams who lost the players?

What to do?

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    This is all part of the game. If you draft somebody and they get hurt, that's just the nature of the beast. I wouldn't change the rules, injuries happen, you're supposed to prepare for that in the draft. I would continue with things as normal, just for realism sake. They don't make special circumstances for the Texans since they lost Davis, why should your league make special circumstances for the GM that lost Davis?

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    I agree, don't do anything. It is all part of the game.

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