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Is washing penis after pissing good?

I wash my cock everytime I urinate. I have not circumcised my penis and if i don't wash i think the drops of urine causes problem to my penis. Is is a good practice to wash penis? Do you people with circumcised penis have problem with it? Don't you feel uncomfortable when you tuck it down in underwear? When I try to peel if off the skin and wear underwear, it pains.

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    Im sure you get a lot of strange looks in public restrooms.

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    What u do is called good hygiene and reccommended by many Dr.s to do after each use of the toilet. Before I was circumcised I noticed that when I didn't wash after every use, a film growth under my uncircumcised penis. It smelled and so after consulting my dad he advised me on the proper care for a young man my age and since then circumcised or not I still wash or wipe myself clean before tucking into my underwear.

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    Regular cleaning of your penis, especially if you are uncircumcised is simply good hygiene, but it is not necessary every time you urinate. If it makes you feel better though there is certainly no harm. Uncircumcised men have the same issues, but because they have no foreskin, it is less likely to bother them. As to your question about pain, uncircumcised men tend to have slightly less sensitivity in the penis head from a lifetime of exposure to the 'elements'. It does not 'hurt' them to wear underwear....unless it is too tight, of course !!!!!

    Keep Clean!!

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    Anything to improve personal hygiene is good. Circumcision makes the "head" less sensitive and not only improves the cleanliness but also the retention time during sex.

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    Go ahead and get circumcised it wont hurt too bad.

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  • Anonymous
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    Hey keep it clean. Its better to have a clean dick then a nasty dirty one.

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    Very good ! keep doing that.

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