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Where to stay in Phuket, Patong Beach?

It's just another friend with me (both guys). We looking for a central happening location and a high-class resort. Budget SGD$120 - low season.

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    Try Patong bay garden resort at the back

    really on the beach, quiet place,

    small hotel with small swimming pool.

    But main entrance is almost in middle of Patong city

    close to main Bangla street with most discos and bars.

    Price depend where you book

    best rate is booking internet site www.hoteltravel.com

    Can book basic room for less then 2000 bath = 83 S$ or better room for around 2500-3000 bath = 100-125 S$.

    I stayed already 3x this year and going back in Oct.


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    Phuket is such a ripped off place for tourists seriously! The taxi costed 200 baht from Karon to Patong which was about 10 mins ride! It was so crazy! Better stay there for a few days and take a ferry to Phi Phi which is more fantastic and alot more of things to do! and cheaper too :)

    Source(s): Just got back a few days ago...
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    I am going In Nov and am staying at Horizon patong> it right next door to Holiday Inn and seems to be in a very good location. As this is peak time the rates was quote good. I am not sure what your $$'s are but I paid $745AUD for 8 nights. I have read mostly good reviews.

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    Patong Beach is very popular with the tourists. Other places will be quieter and still within sight of Patong. Go there if you want to be in the thick of everything.

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    Patong Pearl is reasonable. Nice clean rooms. Check out their website. It's not beach front though.

    Source(s): We always stay there whenever in Phuket.
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    try asia rooms.com

    i stayed at the patong beach lodge

    is really nice and very cheap

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    Better go to Kata to sleep and Patong to party

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