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The JR's dad is returning from the grave to boost the sagging viewing figures of TV's Dallas.Jock Ewing was killed off in the South American helicopter crash five years ago when Jim Davies died. Now viewers will be told Jock survived and after spent years in in a mission hospital having plastic surgery. The new Jock will be played by Steve Forest.沒有超過5行

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    JR的父親將死而復生以拉高電視影集"朱門恩怨"下跌的收視率。五年前因為飾演他的男演員Jim Davis的去世,Jock Ewing這個角色死於南美直升機墜機事件。現在劇情將會告訴觀眾,原來Jock還活著,待在醫院裡數年,並做了整形手術。新的Jock將由Steve Forest 飾演。

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