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Why cant Iran have nuclear weapons?

Almost every other country can have them. Isnt it legal for them to produce their own weapons if they feel like it? Since when do they have to obey the USA and Britain and other countries. I know the main reason they dont want Iran to have them is because they think theyll use them against Israel and Israel has said "Nuke us, we'll whipe you off the face of the earth." Israel has the 6th largest pile of why do we fear them having them???

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    When the leader of a country states during one of his speeches that Israel (or any other country for that matter) should be "wiped off the map", everything should be done to prevent him from obtaining nuclear weapons. History can not be changed. Nuclear weapons were created by the United States, that's why WE have them, and why we ought to have them. We developed them for a damn important and righteous reason also, to get one before Hitler and the Germans did. Hitler and Ahmadinejad are not too different in my estimation. An important deterrent (between nuclear powers) to the use of nuclear weapons has always been mutually assured destruction. That doesn't exactly work when one side of the equation views its own death and martyrdom as noble now does it?

    At present, 189 states are party to the 1968 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. These include all five declared Nuclear Weapons States (NWSs): the People's Republic of China, France, the Russian Federation, the UK, and the USA.

    Notable non-signatories to the NPT are Israel, Pakistan, and India (the latter two have since tested nuclear weapons, while Israel is considered by most to be an unacknowledged nuclear weapons state). North Korea was once a signatory but withdrew in January 2003.

    The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty's main objectives are to stop the further spread of nuclear weapons, to provide security for non-nuclear weapon states which have given up the nuclear option, to encourage international co-operation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, and to pursue negotiations in good faith towards nuclear disarmament leading to the eventual elimination of nuclear weapons.

    Are you opposed to the goals of this treaty?


    Tinkerbell05 why do you assume a psychopath will act rationally?

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    As far as I am concerned no country should have nuclear weapons...

    But since some countries have it,why not Iran too?I think US and Israel are really hypocrites to say to Iran not to build a nuclear weapon,while they still have it...Of course they say they can be trusted...How could we trust the only country that ever used nukes on a civil population?

    And I am pretty sure,that if Iran would have the nuclear weapon,Ahmadinejad would be smarter than start nuking every country that he doesn't like...

    We fear the fact that ,by having the nuclear weapon,they would start control the Middle East...Witch it wouldn't be so great for US and Israel,'cos they too are trying to do this...

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    Israel has had nukes for over 30 years, and has not yet used them on anyone. In fact, they have said they will not use them unless they are about to be overrun. This is so, because though a lot of dummies here don't seem smart enough to know it, the countries around Israel announced in 1948 when Israel was formed by England and the US, they were not going to rest until the last man, woman, and child in Israel was dead.

    Every time those scum attack Israel, they say, Oh, poor us, such violence from Israel! What terrible people.

    If it were true Israel were such a violent nation, Beruit would be molten glass, and Iran, and...

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    Iran is led by religious extremists who place little or no value on life. They kill women, children, and anyone else who gets in their way. If Iran gets nuclear weapons, there is a serious danger that they will use them or sell them to terrorists. Also, it is NOT just the United States and Britain who are against Iran's having those weapons, the United Nation is!! Further, "every other country can have them" is not true. Ever hear of North Korea? The UN has opposed their developing nuclear weapons as well. The UN is trying to stop the spread of nuclear weapons!!


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    When you have a country such as Iran threatening the United States and Israel repeatedly..,claiming to wipe them off the face of the earth..,do you really need to ask that question?Most of the terrorists that have re-infiltrated Iraq are from Iran.This country had been unbalanced for many many years..,thats why.

  • Phil S
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    A better question would be, why can the USA have them?

    To not allow Iran to have them is hypocritical, and countries like Iran will NEVER give up trying to get them as long as other countries have them, because they need them to be equal and safe. Not havint them means they could end up getting invaded for no reason like Iraq did.

    The US is trying to be the bully and tell other countries that we can have them but they cant. How do things tend to end up for bullies? Refer to your history books regarding Nazi Germany, USSR, etc..

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    Iran harbors terrorists. Moron. Why the hell do you think nobody wants them to have nukes? I hope they get them, so we can push the shiny red button and turn the desert to glass. It'd make a nice tourist attraction in 30,000 years.

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    Iran is the political enemy of the West. Imagine these idiots with nukes!

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    Obviously you haven't thought this through. Giving weapons of mass destruction to a dictator is like giving a kid a loaded gun. The results; however, would be far more catastrophic. How does WW-III sound to ya? I personally think U.N. sanctions aren't coming fast enough!

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    Since they signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, I think.

    Try asking this on politics and givernment rather than on religion and spirituality.

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