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What about manufactured homes on a molble home park. ( refi )?

I cant seem to find any lenders that will do it. Not even hard money. I know why thay are hard to find but I also know that there out there HELP.......... By the way, the house is payed off and this is in Southern Cali.

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    Do not know what state you live in, but here is a web site for you to check out - you can also put in key words on yahoo: manufacturing financing; mobile home loans, etc

    Welcome to

    Your source for Mobile Home Financing

    Following is a summary of our most popular programs. Additional guidelines apply.

    Please call 1-800-955-0021 or complete one of the online loan applications.

    Our Conventional Loan program provides standard fixed rate financing for new and previously-owned manufactured homes (1974 and newer).

    Our all-in-one Land/Home financing program offers financing for both home and property. This program features flexible loan terms for both new and pre-owned homes, and the option to use land equity towards the down-payment.

    Staged Funding Our Staged Funding program for land/home purchases provides funding in four stages as work progresses, and offers convenient payment options during the construction period.

    With Classic-Land-in-Lieu, customers use the equity in the land they own towards a down-payment on a new or pre-owned manufactured home.

    FHA / FNMA Freddie Mac

    Yes, you may qualify for trememdous savings with a conventional mortgage loan on your multisectional manufactured home or modular home.

    21st Mortgage Corporation


    Hope this information helps - I also can do manfacturing home loans - if you are interested.

    Source(s): Wanda Ellis, Branch Manager Charterwest Mortgage, LLC 765-469-1975 cell 765-327-2065 fax/office
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    That's because it's not a real estate loan. It's a personal loan, like automobiles. If there's no owned land, it's not real estate.

    Most lenders handle these in their automotive departments.

    btw, if it's pre 1979, nobody will touch it. Has to do with earthquake standards.

    Source(s): Realtor and (real estate) loan officer in San Diego. Website
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  • 5 years ago

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