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I was diagnosed with Hoshimoto's thyroiditis, but told there was not any treatment necessary?

I have many of the symptoms, joint pain, unable to stand cold, headaches. The doctor says that all of my thyroid levels are normal, including my t4, so no treatment is necessary. My thyroidglobulin level was 346. That is what caused my diagnosis. She said that my tyroid will be fine.I feel tired all the time. I walk and eat right. Does anyone have a further suggestions as to how I might treat this from home or with natural remedies since I require no thyroid at this time.

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    Read this article it may help you. It depends on your levels as to whether it needs treatment or not.

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    You need to try another doctor...

    Hypothyroidism caused by Hashimoto's Thyroiditis is treated with thyroid hormone replacement. A small pill taken once a day should be able to keep the thyroid hormone levels normal. This medicine will, in most cases, need to be taken for the rest of the patient's life. When trying to figure out the amount of hormone you need, you may have to return to your doctor several times for blood tests to guide adjustments in the medicine dose. It is important that the dose be right for you. A yearly visit to your doctor will help keep your levels normal and help you stay healthy overall. Be aware of the symptoms. If you note any changes or the return of symptoms, return to your doctor to see if you need to have your medicine dosage adjusted.

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    The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland that sits low on the front of the neck. Your thyroid lies below your Adam’s apple, along the front of the windpipe. The thyroid has two side lobes, connected by a bridge (isthmus) in the middle. When the thyroid is its normal size, you’re unlikely to be able to feel it.

    All types of hyperthyroidism are due to overproduction of thyroid hormones, but the condition can develop in several ways.

    Thyroid hormone production can be suppressed or halted completely in these ways:

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    From what I am picking up from your description, there are several other symptoms you are not including. Perhaps not as severe but quite noticable.

    It is rare but not that unusual, where the digestive process does not complete. Some cases (such as yours) have responded to amino acid supplements.. There are some people unable to assimilate sufficient protein into their body..

    The headaches suggest another problem.. neurological in origin. Which may also be a factor in the other presenting symptoms.

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    GO to A different doctor...that is the treatment I recommend. Either you are OK OR you have a disease of the thyroid..which is it? Hashimoto's does not become "alright" with time..

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    I would like you to go to my research and clinical trial site. Look up Hoshimoto's disease. Glyconutrients have done wonders and might work for you.

    Read the rest of my info on my page.

    God Bless :)

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