Does red lipstick look good on everybody? If it doesn't, do you think it would look good on me?

Ok, I don't mean the bright candy apple red necessarily but a form of red. I would show you a picture, but I don't have one so here is what I look like: My hair is really dark, but it has sort of a red tint to it and its really long (a little longer than the middle of my back), I'm tan (but not really really dark), I have dark brown eyes, and my lips are sort of heart shaped but not majorly and I think they are medium full (maybe medium large).

So, I don't have any red lipstick and don't want to waste money (even though its only a few bucks) if its going to look terrible. Any suggestions then? Thanks!


lol, I live in a small town and to go to a Sephora or M.A.C. I would have to drive1 1/2 hours because I'm only surrounded by small towns to....thanks for the answers so far!

Update 2:

I would only be a hooker if I paired it with blue eye shadow and I don't plan on doing that...goodness

Update 3:

grudgrime....I would say I have a warm skin tone

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    You sound and appear pretty attractive, red would look fine. It would highlight the red glints on your hair. Even if you do not like it, try blending it with a shiny lip gloss to lighten it up or tone it down.

    Don't forget to blot, so its not too red. Or maybe you can put the gloss on first and the red after, so not too much goes on. You can experiment on what looks best.

    Remember a lot has to do with how you feel . Don't doo anything you are not too comfy with. Your confidence is key. As pretty as you look, if you lack the self-esteem, may not work too good.

    Its always fun to try things out.

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    red lipstick doesn't lok good on everybody. most people who can pull it off really well have quite fair skin and a clear complexion. if you have redness in your skin, having red lips will just draw attention to the redness in your skin. so try to cover up any redness as best you can (if you have any). and you can go to a drug store and test the different colours out there if you're not sure. thats what the testers are there for hun. have fun with it. and good luck, red lips are hot!

    i agree with Aurora too, do NOT wear it with heavy eye make-up. one or the other. if you go for the dark lipstick match it with a pale colour on your eyes. very minimal. otherwise you'll look like a hooker. and that is not hot

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    I also have dark hair and dark eyes and there are only certain types of red that work for me. Depending on your skin tone, you could either go with a deeper red or a copper red. I use a brownish red that I think would work for just about anyone and it makes my teeth look whiter. The one I use is from Mary Kay (and they might have a sample you could try if you find a rep) and it's called "downtown brown."

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    No. Whenever I talk to someone who has on red lipstick, it is ALWAYS on their teeth. I was reading "Self" magazine yesterday and they're selling these trio sets-it includes liner, lipstick and gloss. Also, just go to a department store makeup counter and say you're interested in getting a lipstick that would most flatter your face. You'll get an honest answer and then just say, hmm..thanks, maybe I'll come back later.

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    i think it will look good if you know not to wear it with heavy eye make up. you should buy a cheap lipstick with a nice shade of red, and try it out. if you like it go for a nicer color like Mac's


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    Try going to Sephora or MAC for a free makeover to see if it'll look right without buying any.

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    Certain shades might. What is your skin tone? Cool, warm, olive, pink?

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    No it doesnt look good on any body but looking at your avatar.... ithink it would,or maybe a pale color.. pinks maybe

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    try using abrown lipliner and a dull red

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