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Why is American football so popular?

I know the details of the game, I just whant to know why American football is so darn popular here in the United States.

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    I think there are several reasons:

    1) Of all the major sports, football has the most meaningful regular season, and every game is critical.

    2) The majority of the games fall on Sunday, so fans only need to "pay attention" for one day a week, unlike other sports.

    3) The game is easy to follow, even if casual fans don't pay attention to things like blocking schemes or the benefits of the 3-4 vs. the 4-3.

    4) Americans like toughness and violence with their sports, and football definitely has those. There are other tough sports, but nothing that can produce serious violence like a collision in football.

    5) Great marketing and PR from the NFL honchos. They embraced the power of TV and the media much better than did their MLB counterparts.

    6) On a personal note - I just think it's a great game, with plenty of nuances that don't always get noticed. Eleven guys working together on every play to make things work is an impressive thing to watch.

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    Your Answer: I seldom post answers to this section ( or any section for that matter ), but I do read them often. However, I have not seen where anyone has given a common sense reason why Football and Futbol fans butt heads. They are 2 completely different sports. If a Futball team were to try to compete with a Football tean, even this years Lions or Rams, after the first few minutes, the stadium would have run out of ambulances and the Futbol team out of players. When a Lenard Little or a Javon Kearse or polamalu can run a 40 in 4.6 or so and at 260 lbs or so hit you with the intention of makeing sure you go to the ground, pads, helmet nor anything else can or will prevent the pain. Futbol players are athletes no doubt. They have both the wind and the stamina to play THEIR game. AS well as very good corindation. BUT, toughness, IMHO, I'm LMAO. Source(s):

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    Two reasons: first of all, they do not play 82 games a year (like basketball) or 162 games a year (like baseball), so there is not the fan burnout factor from an 8-9 month long season. Secondly (and most importantly), marketing: the late Pete Rozelle, NFL Commissioner from 1960-89, was a marketing genius whose innovative ideas forged the modern NFL; he was the man who came up with the idea for the Super Bowl and helped bring about the AFL-NFL merger in 1970 (need I say more?)!!!

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    Because it is the perfect combination of speed, action, strategy, and pageantry.

    Baseball? Very nice, but a little slow. Plus with a zillion games every year, no individual game has much meaning.

    Basketball? Too many games. Plus the playoffs are far too inclusive, so the regular season has no meaning.

    Hockey? Only makes sense to the northern half of the country.

    Soccer? Okay. But the strategy is elemental and the scoring is non-existent. It also doesn't help that these guys crumple onto the ground for five minutes everytime their shins get kicked.

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    Football is indeed a and basketball last too long,and football has replaced both baseball and basketball as the most popular and exciting sport in the U.S. to watch.the sport can be played in all kinds of weather,and the Super Bowl is watched by millions of fans across the lower 48s.

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    Because it's only one game a week, people build up the game for the whole week, if they played 4 times a week it wouldn't be as popular.

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    Well that's hard to say. I think here in America we just love a good game, an underdog........a good competitive fight. It's a chance to bond with the team, the You go you buy your beer and you cheer for your team. You see losers and winners and aspiring hero's. It's life.....just on a field. You could say the same for any sport.

    By the way I'm a Razorbacks fan born and breed.

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    Because it's awesome! It's the only pro sport that I watch on a regular basis.

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    Its very exciting....hard hits, sweet one handed catches by receivers, nice jukes and cuts by running backs.....a tie game with 2min left and a team driving down field...what more can you ask for in terms of excitement? game winning field goals, hot cheerleaders, tailgating...its just a great experience in general!

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    Because it makes soccer look like what it really is... a sissy little kid game being played by a bunch of whiney-@ss Euro-twits.

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