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Does anyone know where I can find a wolf costume for a Dachshund?

I have four weenie dogs and want to dress them up as the three pigs and the big bad wolf for a Halloweenie contest but am having no luck on costumes for pets on the wolf or even ideals on making my own. I have been on e-bay and yahoo searches. Any help is appreciated!!!

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    I haven't been to their web site to check for wolf costume but Drs. Foster and Smith generally have halloween costumes so you might look over there.

    Petco and Petsmart also sell costumes I think.

    Cute theme -- good luck! Would love to see the pictures!

  • 4 years ago

    I have 6 dachshunds, and certain, we've executed the nice and comfy dogs/bun dress. notwithstanding, we gained a contest with a Cowgirl and Cowboy matching clothing for 2 of our dachshunds - complete with white hat. We actually have a ladybug dress, angel with velcro on wings, french maid w. apron, matching biker chicks (all 3 women, black leather-depending w. cranium and roses), 50s crinoline and poodle skirt, Elvis cloak, == the opportunities are countless. They really do not seem stupid and they don't seem to be uncomfortable in case you bear in mind that the dress could velcro around the chest and neck and not in any respect positioned the dachshund's ft into any beginning - dachshunds walk actual out of clothing like that.

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