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Should drug companies be allowed to ban sales of Canadian drugs to U.S. customers?

sales are estimated to be about U.S. $650 millionor or should they risk leaving their Canadian customers unserved?


They find savings like the $150 price difference for a three-month supply of Zocor, which results from the fact that the Canadian government controls the price of brand-name drugs

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    As long as drug companies insist they "need" to charge U.S. customers more for prescription drugs, some Americans will look elsewhere for drugs. The drug companies create the problem. If they need to save money, they should stop advertising erectile disfunction medication and antidepressants on primetime telivision every 30 seconds.

    Of course Canadian customers should have access to drugs - that shouldn't even be a question.

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    The price of drugs is related to the cost of research and the relative power of the buyer and seller. In Canada, the government controls access to a large market and thus has more bargaining power than smaller entities in the US. The rise of HMO's (larger buyers) in the US spawned a wave of consolidation in the pharma industry (larger sellers). The agreements with drug companies in Canada are for Canadians and Canada should honour the agreements. If US customers want cheaper drugs, they should look for a US solution to the problem.

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    the government does not choose this is voters to purchase foreign places-made prescribed drugs. the undeniable fact that a lot of those drugs that are disbursed interior the U. S. are made foreign places is unimportant : the significant difficulty is that the chemical companies make a extensive income on all of their US sales. those comparable drugs are offered someplace else for plenty much less money, so why no longer right here ?

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    Personally I think we should ban sales of drugs by drug companies in the US unless they can match the prices consumers pay in canada.

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    you have a choice. go for cheap drugs or keep american jobs. pharmaceutical companies have their patents for 5 years and have those years to recoup costs of drug discovery and that ain't cheap. unless the government subsidizes the drug discovery process drug prices are gonna rise. remember you get what you pay for.

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    Why would they do that? Because prices are lower in Canada than in the U.S. ?

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    no if they did that my grandmother would die within weeks she has cancer and there is no way she could afford the price of her meds here.

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