Killing insects a sin?

I know it probably sounds like a silly question but is it a sin to kill an insect? Like swatting a mosquito or a fly?

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    All things have a purpose. But if the insect can cause you harm it is not a sin. If you go about just killing them out of meanness like a little boy would do, this is wrong and they should be taught not to do this thing. However, if you don't want west nile or fly yuck in your food do something about the problem.

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    I accidentally stepped on a snail today. Guess I gots some bad Karma coming, huh?

    Killing, weather accidental or purposeful, is pretty natural. Even vegitarians kill the plants that they eat. Somehow we decadent humans, have evolved to the point where we have removed ourselves from the guilt of the killing that we conduct.

    I say embrace the death you cause. Try not to be evil or overly sympathetic, but our life at the top of the food chain is the result of thousands of lesser deaths. We have to thank Mother Nature or our Creator for this position.

    You might want to make sure that since you are the cause of so many things to die that they're death is worthwhile. You know try and be a good person, and make your life somehow worthwhile, because otherwise you're just killing them for nothing.

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    It depends on you religion and beliefs. If you think that humans are the only sentient beings, then killing something without a "soul" is not a sin. If you however believe that life is re-incarnated in an ever growing cycle, then by killing a fly you may have just killed the re-incarnated soul of you dead aunt or something like that. So all you have to ask is whether or not YOU think that bugs can have a soul......

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    I once had a religion teacher (old catholic school here) tell our class that its ok to kill a fly or kill fleas because God doesn't want bugs infesting our homes or our food, but she did say that it isn't right to set out and intentionally torture or kills bugs if they are not nuisance, for example, going out in the wild and tearing the wings off butterflies, or smashing spiders. I don't know, that's what she told us. However, I believe there is a sect of Hinduism called Janeism that practices never killing any living creatures. I've heard that when they plow their fields, if there is a bug in their way, they will wait for the bug to fly away, or remove it carefully, as not to harm it.

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    1 decade ago

    The first thing that someone should be considering is whether the idea of sin is actually real.

    If God is supposed to be perfect how could She have made anything or anyone that wasn't perfect.

    Think about it. The idea of sin assumes certain things about God that seem highly unlikely.

    First it assumes a God who is too incompetent to organize a simple educational field excursion and figure out a way to get all of the students home safely.

    How likely is this that God would not be smart enough to come up with a plan for our salvation that is going to work?

    It also assumes that God must have created us imperfect if we are sinners.

    One might assume that God would be able to create someone perfect each and every time if he chose to. Assuming God is capable of this, then it follows logically that we must be perfect creations if we are actually creations of this perfect God.

    Unless of course you are saying that God chose to create us imperfect.

    If God created us imperfect then anything that may go wrong is Gods fault, not ours. This seems a bit illogical at best so I think that we need to assume that What God creates would have to be perfect.

    If this is the case and Gods creations are perfect, then nothing that we can do could change what God created perfect and make it imperfect unless we think that we are more powerful than God is.

    How likely is it that we the creation could be more powerful than the creator. I personally find this idea somewhat amusing, and a bit absurd.

    Religion tells us that God is perfect. If this is true then it could hardly be logically for Gods creations to be considered to be anything less than perfect.

    If this is the case then Nothing that we can ever do could possibly change this perfection that God willed, unless we were so powerful that our choices could override and change the will of God.

    How likely is that????

    Think about it.

    The idea of sin is simple nonsense; a lie made up about God by religion.

    Love and blessings


    Source --- Course in miracles

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    1 decade ago

    In Islam, it's not a sin to kill dangerous animals who posses threat to human beings. Mosquitoes, scorpions which cme into contact with human, will need to be killed. But it's a sin to kill insect juz for the fun of it. I'm not sure who woulda have such hobbies, though !


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    Well lets put it this way. If it is a sin. I'm in big trouble :)

    really I will try and get a fly out of my house without trying to kill it. but if it won't leave well sorry it's goodbye fly lol. but I won't go out of my way to kill an insect.

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    1 decade ago

    In islam, in general, any creature should not be killed as long as it doesn't harm you.. but for some insects and animals that are known to be harmful, it is not a sin to kill them.

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    1 decade ago

    Absolutely not!

    Yes it is a lifeform but it's a very low lifeform and obviously anyone in their right mind would not kill insects just for pleasure (although sometimes you start to wonder :)) but usually only when those bugs are bugging you. So unless they are causing you distress (like bees), leave them alone.

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    Well to me no because it just the circle of life. heck if we didnt kill insects i think they would be over populated. and its not a sin because its basically an instict to kill insects that are bothering you

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