I need to find a family tree or at least an obituary for Ann Forrest- actress) died 1985 in Califiornia?

She was born in Denmark in 1895 under the name of Ann Kroman

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    Ann Forrest

    Photo from "Silent Ladies and gents"


    BIOGRAPHY from The New York Times (Movies)


    Filmography (From IMDB)


    MTV Movies - Biography



    Date of birth

    14 April 1895

    Sønderho, Denmark

    Date of death

    25 October 1985

    San Diego, California, USA.

    Sometimes Credited As:

    Anne Kornan / Ann Kornan / Anne Kroman / Ann Kroman / Anna Kromann / Ann Kromarm / Ann Kronan


    (1920s) (1910s)

    Ridin' Pretty (1925) .... Maize

    Marriage Morals (1923) .... Mary Gardner

    If Winter Comes (1923) .... Nona, Lady Tybar

    The Man Who Played God (1922) .... Marjory Blaine

    Love's Boomerang (1922) .... Perpetua

    ... aka Perpetua

    The Great Impersonation (1921) .... Rosamond Dominey

    A Wise Fool (1921) .... Zoe Barbille

    The Faith Healer (1921) .... Rhoda Williams

    Behold My Wife (1920) .... Marion Armour

    A Splendid Hazard (1920) .... Laura Killigrew

    The Prince Chap (1920) .... Phoebe Puckers

    The Great Accident (1920) .... Hetty Morfee

    Dangerous Days (1920) .... Anna Klein

    The Midnight Man (1919)

    The Grim Game (1919) .... Mary Cameron

    Love's Prisoner (1919) (as Ann Kroman) .... Sadie, Nancy's sister

    The Rainbow Trail (1918) .... Fay Larkin

    Husband Hunter (1918) (as Anne Kroman)

    Marked Cards (1918) (as Anne Kroman) .... Winona Harrington

    Naked Fists (1918) (as Ann Kroman)

    Her Decision (1918) (as Ann Kroman) .... Inah Dunbar

    An Honest Man (1918) (as Ann Kroman) .... Ruby Cushing

    The Shoes That Danced (1918) (as Ann Kroman) .... Mamie Conlon

    The Medicine Man (1917) (as Ann Kronan) .... Edith Strang

    ... aka Guardian of El Dorado (USA)

    The Tar Heel Warrior (1917) (as Ann Kroman) .... Betty Malroy

    The Midnight Man (1917) (as Ann Kroman) .... Irene Hardin

    The Flame of Youth (1917) (as Ann Kornan) .... Lucy Andrews

    The Gunman's Gospel (1917) (as Ann Kroman)

    The Birth of Patriotism (1917) (as Ann Kromarm) .... Mary

    All Balled Up (1915) (as Ann Kroman)

    The Woman He Married (1915) (as Ann Kroman)

    Borrowing Hogan (1915) (as Ann Kroman)

    The Truth of Fiction (1915) (as Anna Kromann)

    Movie review from The New York Times:

    The Shop Girl's Choice.

    Published: August 14, 1923


    More reviews:

    Ann Forrest, Actor: April 14, 1895 - Sønderho, Denmark


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    okay start at your publiic library hons, for her obutuary go to front desk and, ask them too go back up until she did hons in that moth and yearr, now as far as the family tree your loking for good luck on that one hons, i would say bye now that the favorite pine tree or what ever that old dead lady had in her yards is long gone now hons!!

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