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How big did the Lord that the new heaven would be?

He gave the size, does any one know what it is?

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    1 decade ago
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    I think you are referring to the new Jerusalem:

    Revelation 21:10–11, 22–27

    The new Jerusalem is specifically said to come “down out of heaven from my God.” (Paul too refers to a heavenly kingdom, 2 Timothy 4:18.) Some have questioned the nature of that New Jerusalem to come down and scoffed. They have said that it is a physically impossible — a city 1,364 miles on each side and 1,364 miles. This is indeed a physical impossibility on the present earth.

    But read the text of Revelation chapter 21, where the entire chapter deals with the creation of the new heaven (singular) and the new earth. We do not know the size of this new earth. It is nowhere stated. We do, however, know the dimensions of the New Jerusalem. It is gigantic. One would suppose that the new earth would be of such size and proportion that it would easily support New Jerusalem and be aesthetically marvelous — just as the vision of John describes.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think you are thinking of the City. The measurements are given in the Book of the Revelation. I know it's huge.

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