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What do I write on the email when i am inviting special people for my wedding ??

In this case inviting my bosses, senior relations etc. I will be attaching the wedding card.


Well the reason I am attaching this card is because they are all offshore & the only way to contact them is email.. No mail delivery or anything of that sort.

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  • emp04
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    1 decade ago
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    I completely understand. What I would do is write a quick note like:

    "Dear Mr. Smith,

    I would be honored if you could attend my upcoming wedding. I wish that mail would allow me to send you a paper invitation, but unfortunately that is not possible.


    Your Name"

    Then take a copy of your invitation and paste it into an email via Outlook or another program that will allow you to send a graphic as an email. Then for the subject line say something like: "An invitation to our wedding". Make sure your the name of your email account will be recognizable (the same as your work if you are using a personal account.

    Good Luck and Congrats!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm not sure what part you are asking about... write a simple "We'd be honored if you'd join us" and then say to see attached. An emailed wedding card is pretty tacky though - to be honest - at the very least make a cute card with your word processor and hand out real invitations. They are more personal, are a nice keepsake for you, and won't accidentally get deleted.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Um, are you trying to go for that show America's Tackiest Wedding Special? You don't send email invites to a wedding, that's tacky, tacky, tacky. Sorry. You send them in the mail.

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