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Anonymous asked in Cars & TransportationMaintenance & Repairs · 1 decade ago

detailed pictures of a 1977 f150 ford truck 460 v8 engine 4x4?

I have a 1977 ford f150 v8 4x4 460 engine(truck) and problemswith the charging system need a closeup picture of same engine and any info or advice to fix it greatly appreciated! Yes I'm a woman!! HA!HA!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, being a woman has nothing to do with this repair. Pictures are a good idea, but we don't know what you are trying to accomplish.

    Yes, it is the alternator, but what? Replacing it? Repositioning it? Wiring it?

    Your problem here is that you are dealing with a VERY old (relatively speaking of course) piece of equipment.

    I think your BEST hope is your local library.

    In the REFERENCE section, you will find all the auto repair manuals that were ever requested at that branch.

    It is to be hoped that there may be one that covers years 75 through 79, all of which were pretty much the same configuration. There isn't likely to be resources on the 'net for something of this vintage, unless you just get LUCKY.

    Good Luck

    Source(s): ASE Tech
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  • avarca
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    4 years ago

    if it has 6 cyl its a 300 cubic inch inline 6 4.9 ltr if its an 8 cyl this is a 302 5.0 ltr or a 351 5.9 ltr it would say once you open the hood there's a white piece of paper with a touch sq. interior the top left hand corner and it has specs on the a/c it says what ltr the engine is. maximum likley it a 5.0 302 .

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