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Pancho asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 1 decade ago

How do you deal with a best friend who's wife is controlling and abusive to him?

How do you deal with a best friend you grew up with and his wife is so controlling and abusive towards him? She calls him names like asshole, stupid m.f., and she even calls him a *****! She disrespects his family, calls his mom names and has hit him on several occasions. I tried to tell him not to marry her because anyone that meets her for five minutes can see she has a attitude problem, but he just did not listen and now he regrets the day he ever met her. But he won't leave because they have a 8 year old son(who she tried to turn against him by putting him on the phone and told him to say he hates his father)so he complains to me all the time about her but he won't leave. This guy has no life as she controls every aspect of his life. he's 31 and it's as if he's a little boy. I can't really deal with him anymore about this issue. My girlfriend says that i should just let him go as a friend. But i'm trying to still be there for him. What should i do? This is a 20 year friendship.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    dont leave him he will need you when he gets the strengh to leave her. what she does to her son is abuse. i know my ex did that to me. when i fight he would tell my boys that i didnt love them. you need to get him alone and talk to him. say you cant see him hurt anymore and he needs to do something. he needs to leave or quit talking about it to you. he can get custody of his son. when she hits him he needs to report it so it can be on record. he needs to get dirt on his wife. so he can have the child. i thought my children would hate me for leaving there father. at first they did but they want to live with me and not him. good luck

    • caroline6 years agoReport

      Most men would have dumped her by now.....

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