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is salesforce a good place to work?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    if you have the qualities and drive it takes to be a salesman, then yes

    as a foodservice account manager I enjoy what I do: drive around, talk to people, help them solve their problems (or create problems for them to solve), sample a bunch of neat food items and get paid

    dis is de life,

    on the other hand, I know many people, some whom i have worked side by side with, that just weren't cut out for sales

    I think its in your blood

    when I was in elementary school I used to write lines (that were handed out for punishment) and sell them to other students, then I would go walk a clothing store owners dog, then run errands for a photography studio and once a week rotate the magazines at a variety store and I had a newspaper route. I have always been a hustler, and by that I do not mean I hustle people, just that I would don anything for a buck

    do you have it in you??

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Salesmen make all the money. You always gotta start somewhere. The better the salesmen, the more money they make. I had a girlfriends father that was a salesman. He was home 95% of the time. I saw him work really for like 2 hours on Sunday and then come out and go over his figures for Monday. Only other time I heard of him working is when the "bigwigs" were in town. He might have actually worked more often.....but to be honest, anytime I called over there. He was home. SO a salesman.

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