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I would like to route my guitar amplifiers signal through some device so that I can listen with headphones.?

I would like to play guitar with my guitar amps output however the speaker output is too loud (at low volumes the amplifier sounds poor) and would like to find a way to route the signal through a mixer or some other device so that I can effectively play through my amp and listen to the signal with headphones. Any suggestions on types of boxes / mixers which will allow me to do this? FWIW my guitar amps do not have any explicit headphone out jack however they do have effect out/in jacks.


So many good responses here, can I choose them all? :)

Update 2:

abarter: Can you specify a particular v-amp? Just out of curiosity so I can do some research on the net.

Update 3:

@danF: Can you recommend a specific mixer? Im looking for something in the 100-200 price tag range, do you have any particular suggestions?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have a V-Amp which is an effects box that has stereo outputs. I connect the stereo outputs to a 1/8" stereo jack and plug into the line-in jack on my sound blaster card. My amplifier is sitting in the closet and has for years as I don't need it now. Plug the headphones into the computer speakers and use the computer as my mixer. That allows me to record my guitar or to play along with mp3's while not bothering anyone else. If you can't afford to buy anything else then you can try disconnecting the speaker in the amp and running those wires into a 1/8" jack and into your computer. Start off at a low volume and work your way up. I don't know how good the sound card's defences are when you are running wires direct like this. It works fine with the V-amp though. It should work for any effects box.

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  • a tao
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    1 decade ago

    Theres a good cance your headphones will run direct from the effect out jack.

    if not, try plugging the effect out jack to a hifi that has headphone out

    if that dosent work you will need to build a dummy load with a tap for the headphones, dont worry, details follow:

    speakers are normally 8 ohms, so you will need to make an 8 ohm load, but in 2 parts: one at 7.5 ohms and the other at 0.5 ohms.

    connect the amp output jack tip to the 7.5 then the other end of the 7.5 to the 0.5 and then the other end of that to the amp output jack sleeve

    connect the headphones from amp output jack sleeve to the join in the 2 resistors

    that will let you turn your amp up to 16 times the max that you could use the headphones with before

    BUT, and this is an important BUT you MUST use high power resistors otherwise they will just burn out

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would suggest getting a small mixer like a Mackie (they're awesome) and plug the effects send from the amp into the mixer imput. If you have a solid state amp then I would just plug directly into the mixer as you probably won't here a dramatic difference going through the amp.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Find a Tom Scholz Rockman. It's basically a portable amp. You can plug your guitar into it and listen w/headphones. It's not going to give you the tone quality that an amplifier has, but it sounds pretty damn good!

    Plus, it has a seperate stereo input, so if you wanted to play along to music, you could.

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