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Scientology Question Can we have Xenu on as our next celebrity?

Scientology Question Can we have Xenu on as our next celebrity? I see yahoo has a habit of having a celebrity on here and there. Hawking did not answer his question he made his own best answer. Cindy Crawford was not too exciting. Someone told me Al Gore actually choose and answer and I was so excited because I wanted to see that. Only to see that the user was a level one and that was the only question ever answered or asked. It was a rigged question for sure. I thought it would be more interesting to have someone more down to earth like Xenu. What do you think? If Xenu had a featured question would a real best answer be chosen? Would it be a level one with no previous questions? I think a question from Xenu is about as real as these celebrity questions. What do you think? I am going to suggest it to yahoo for the next featured question.


Do you like this idea? I think it might make for better question and answer thing.

Update 2:

Oh sorry Scientologists would not want regular people to know about xenu. I wish I had a better link, but go onto and look for the south park episode and watch it. It will explain who xenu is. Xenu is a god and only high level scientolgost are supposed to know about it. I will find the link.

Update 3:

Okay if you scroll down on that link and look it says what is going on now you can look at the south park episode in 1 of 2 formats it will tell you the story of xenu in the south park episode. You will understand the why I am making the analgoy to the celebrity questions being down to earth.

Update 4:

Oh that was funny that is Zena Warrior Princess, but Sadam that was funny too yeah we might as well have him on here too the questions and best answers are not real anyway. Put it up for a suggestion. That would get a great deal of hits. Al gore got 7K cindy got around 3k. Now sadam wow her would get a great deal of hate mail. People would not even answer the question. Suggest that. I can just see yahoo now this is the real person. Really it is.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Wonderful idea! We're out of warlord celebrities now that Saddam is captured and Osama remains unattainable (even by the world's most powerful country). Xenu, Warrior Princess, is our obvious next choice.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am ignorant whe it comes to Scientology, so forgive me if I ask who is Xenu?

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  • 1 decade ago

    great idea, and then we could all go for flight in one of his space-going DC10s! lmao@ L Wrong Hubbard!

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